Man Arrested for Bringing Concealed Gun to BMW Championship

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 18th, 2013
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This is a little scary. CBS Chicago yesterday reported that a man was arrested as he attempted to bring a concealed firearm into the BMW Championship.  Police found two more guns in the 48 year old man’s car.

Illinois has apparently passed a conceal carry permit law, but that law has yet to go into effect.

In very poor taste…

I’d like to suggest that if a gunman started capping off spectators at a golf event that he start with the boneheads who yell “get in the hole,” “you’re da man,” and “mashed potatoes.”

Okay, slap me.

3 responses to “Man Arrested for Bringing Concealed Gun to BMW Championship”

  1. Mike Hayes says:

    shotgun start?

  2. Mc says:

    You forgot baba boo