Golf Apparel Review: Dunning Stretch Pique Multi Stripe Polo

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 9th, 2013
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Dunning GolfDunning

Quick, give me a word that rhymes with “Dunning.”  For me the word would be “stunning.”  Stunning is exactly what the few pieces of Dunning apparel I’ve seen are.  I first noticed the brand when I met my now buddy Kevin Foley of Tour fame.  He’ll be of PGA Tour fame if he holds his current position of #17 on the Tour money list.  I’m not sure if Kevin is endorsed by Dunning or just loves their threads.  Either way.  The first time I saw his threads I was sold.

Stretch Pique Multi Stripe Polo – Style

Naturally based on that I was excited to get my first Dunning apparel review opportunity.  When I unboxed the Stretch Pique Multi Stripe Polo (from this point on known as SPMSP), I was stunned.

Dunning Golf Stretch Pique Multi Stripe Polo

Dunning Golf Stretch Pique Multi Stripe Polo

My lovely lady and I both let out an “oooh” when we first saw it.  This is a beautiful polo.  It stands out in my massive golf wardrobe.   The photos on Dunning’s website don’t do this polo justice.  Mine here does a little better capturing the colors, but you really need to see it in person.


The SPMSP is made of 50% Technical polyester and 50% polyester.  I have no idea what the difference is between technical and regular polyester is.

I can tell you that the materials provide fantastic comfort.  In very hot and humid conditions, like I’ve been experiencing recently, this polo breathes very well and helps keep me dry.


Playing golf or simply working in the office while wearing this polo is a joy.  The comfort level combined with the flexibility and fit of the fabric is…. stunning.




At $95 this may not be a golf polo for everyone.  But I’d say the price is well worth it.  This polo is tops in all three of my top apparel rating categories: style, comfort, performance.

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