Carnoustie Golf Links Photo Gallery Added

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 11th, 2013
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I’m pleased to announce the addition of a new golf course photo gallery here in the massive Hooked On Golf Blog Gallery.  I’ve added the tremendous Carnoustie Golf Links course.

Carmoustie Golf Course

Carnoustie Golf Links – click for more images

Carnoustie is a historic Scotland course, regarded by many as the most difficult course in the world.  Seven (British) Open Championships have been held there, including the famous 1953 Open in which Ben Hogan came out victorious.

Ben Hogan Plaque Carnoustie

Hogan’s Alley Ben Hogan Plaque – Carnousite Golf Links – click to zoom

I had a bit of a triumphant round at Carnoustie last week. I started out par, birdie, par, par, bogey. Even par going into the 6th hole, “Hogan’s Alley.” That’s a tough par-5. Unfortunately my tee shot went OB left. My 3rd shot from the tee was solid. My 5th shot missed the green left and I had a crazy S-shaped putt off the green for bogey, which I somehow made. Birdie on the 2nd ball. That’s probably the best bogey I’ve ever had.

I managed to play the entire round at Carnousite in high winds with one golf ball. Final score, with a triple on one hole, was an 82.

Some “friends” bet that I couldn’t break 100 at Carnoustie. Time to pay up chaps.

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