Golf Equipment Review: Datrek Go-Lite 14 Stand Bag

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 11th, 2013
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Datrek Go-Lite 14 Golf Stand Bag - click for more images

Datrek Go-Lite 14 Golf Stand Bag – click for more images

I’ve had a new Datrek golf bag in play for a while now.  Before my bag arrived I wasn’t familiar with Datrek.  They’re part of the parent company Dynamic Brands, which has several companies in its portfolio including BagBoy and Burton.  Lets take a look at my new bag, the Datrek Go-Lite 14 Stand Bag.

Go-Lite 14 Overview

The Go-Lite 14 (I should call it GL14 for short) is a carry/stand bag.  The bag is very light, weighing in at five measly pounds.

One of the primary selling points of this bag is the large 14-way top.  The 14-way top makes organizing the clubs in the bag easy.  Getting the clubs out and putting them back is smooooooth.  No more getting whacked in the eye by a 2nd club which is pulled out of the bag while grabbing another one.  The spacing also helps to prevent club dinging and when some of my clubs like my lob wedge are over $400 each, that’s a big deal.

The Go-Lite 14 works as a cart bag too! Click to zoom…

There’s a nice handle on the top of the bag which is great for bag handling.  This ergonomic handle comes in, well, “handy” when loading the bag to/from the car or when putting the bag down and standing it up to get clubs out.

The five pockets in this carry bag are HUGE.  The valuables pocket could hold about $40,000 in cash, good for those heavy betting days.  Or perhaps an iPad or Android tablet might go in there for those swing analyzer apps.  I put in a camera, my phone, my wallet, a GPS and a few bucks (less than $40 G’s though).  The apparel pocket could hold a small wardrobe.  That’s going to come in handy when I head to Scotland in about three weeks.  I may need several layers of rain gear and a wee pint to keep me warm.  It’ll fit in there no problem.  The ball holder could hold about 500 golf balls, which may be enough on my hazard-laden home course as long as it isn’t windy.

The carrying strap works well.  No chafing or pressure points.

There’s a cool section of velcro on the top of the bag.  Players can use the velcro to hang their golf gloves out to dry.


As you can see from the photos I shot, this bag is sharp.  Not a lot of frilly and unnecessary design features.  The lines are as clean as the bag is functional.


This bag comes in six different color combinations:

Lime Green/Black/White (pictured in this review)

The 14-way divider rules! Click to zoom…

On The Course

It has been nice putting clubs in and pulling clubs out of my new Datrk Go-Lite 14 Stand Bag.  The individual dividers are a big deal.  Datrek calls the system “IDS” for “individual divider system.”  Clubs go in and out super-easy.  They’re arranged nicely, making it easy to pick and pull a club.

Carrying the bag is easy.  I do need enough balls and perhaps a beverage in the beverage pocket in order for the balance to work out properly.  Otherwise the bag can be heavy to the club-head side.  Makes sense.

I’ve slung the bag, ridden carts with it (compatible with riding carts), and used it with three different push carts.  All are enjoyable with no issues.

The stand’s leg action is solid and the bag is very sturdy when in tripod mode.


My only critique of this bag comes with the insulated beverage sleeve.  It is hot here right now.  In fact, today it was 100 degrees on the nose.  Tomorrow I have a match and the forecast is for 99.  In sunny conditions I find that the water bottle in the beverage holder heats up due to the black nylon material surrounding it.  I’ve had better luck keeping my water and sports drinks cooler by putting them in the large apparel pocket.


At under $130 street value ($149 retail), this is a fine golf stand bag well suited for golfers like me who don’t just walk, don’t just ride, and don’t just push a cart.  I do all three.

The ease with which the clubs can be inserted and removed is alone worth the price of admission.  The large pockets are fantastic.  The bag looks sharp and classy.

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