2013 Bonneville Men’s Gross Match Play Round One Recap

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 11th, 2013
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Wow I’m quite spent.  I came off the course about 1.5 hours ago after 18 holes of match play in my new league this year at Bonneville Golf Course.  I’m thrilled to be back in match play competition.  It is the BEST format of golf, period.  I’d still say that if I didn’t win today.

My opponent today was a 1 handicap golfer who was probably about 20 years younger than me.  Boy was he long.

1. On the par-5 first hole, he hit some kind of wedge to about six feet and made eagle.  1 down.

2. After blocking my drive right and having to punch out due to tree trouble, I quickly found myself 2 down after two holes.

3. I did manage a solid par on the tough par-4 #3 which was good enough for a win.  1 down.

4. Tie on the hole.  1 down.

5. I went for this par-5 in two but pulled my 2nd shot.  In an area probably two acres wide there was one tree.  I was behind it.  2 down.

6. Par-3.  Pars.  2 down.

7. My opponent lost his tee shot left on this short par-4.  I win the hole without having to finish it.  1 down.

8. Pulled drive left into trees.  Hoisted a great gap wedge to the green somehow from the left rough and behind trees.  Tied the hole.  1 down.

9. Tough par-3.  The slow greens got the best of my putting on this one and I miss making par.  2 down.

TWO DOWN after nine holes.

10. I put my approach on this mega-slanted green in the wrong place, way above the hole.  I’ll be lucky to 3-putt.  My opponent though fares worse and makes a double.  1 down.

11.  On this short par-4 I pull a 9-iron to about 50 feet left of the pin.  Easy putt!  I dropped it in for birdie.  ALL SQUARE

12.  On this par-5 I have to play it as a three-shot-hole due to my drive in thick rough.  My Miura 59 degree wedge delivers a brilliant 3rd shot to about six inches.  Birdie to go 1UP!

13.  I hit a solid 5-iron into this tough par-4.  My opponent hit lob wedge having outdriven me by 79 yards!  I made par and he didn’t.  2UP.

Just realized I’ve won FOUR holes in a row…  time to gag.

14. Tough par-4.  I miss the green with my 4-iron and fail to get up and down for par.  Lose hole to go 1UP.

15.  230 yard par-3 downhill.  4-iron to 20 feet.  Par ties. 1UP

16.  My long hitting opponent has a big advantage on this par-5.  I have to play it as a 3-shot hole.  Solid 3rd shot sand wedge to 12 feet.  Miss the birdie.  Opponent went for it in two but came up short.  His chip was short too.  He makes par.  1UP.

17.  Short, downhill par-3.  We both hit the green and two-putt for the tie.  Still 1UP.

18.  TOUGH par-4 downhill.  Need a 300 yard drive to get to the 150.  I get to 160 out and hit a solid 8-iron.  Too solid.  Back fringe.  I two putt from there to tie.

I WIN the match 1UP!

This was a blast.  Can’t wait for the next match.  They’ll only get tougher!

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