First Look: 3UP Golf Balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 7th, 2013
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I have to admire the tenacity of some golf entrepreneurs.  Even though there are billion dollar companies out there making golf balls, Rob Zimmerman and 3UP Golf decided they’d join the fray.   I have a dozen 3UP 3f12 golf balls to try.  They’re a three piece ball meant to perform and feel like a balata but also produce modern distance.  I’d like that.


As an extra cool bonus, $3 of each dozen sold is earmarked to a golf related charity.  Cool.  Buy high performance golf balls and support a great cause.  And rather than a typical cardboard box, these balls come in a nice bag which would be great for carrying golf tees and other stuff around in.

In hand the balls look sharp and have what looks to be a dimple pattern close to the 330-332 dimple designs.  The balls feel very tacky so I can tell they’ll produce a ton of spin around the greens.

I’ll put them in play as soon as I can and start working up my review.

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