Golf Gadget Review: Cradlz Smartphone Video Holster

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
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I must be losing my edge.  I’ve found the 2nd golf gadget in one week which I would actually use, the CamCaddy or Cradlz.  I’m not really sure what the name is.  On the product it says “Cam Caddy” but googling them and looking at their home page it is all called Cradlz.  Going to their URL automatically forwards to  Here’s what I guess happened.  Another company with the name Caddie Cam sent a nice little letter to Cam Caddy asking them (nicely I’m sure) to change their name…  Just a theory.  At this point we will use the name Cradlz.


The Cradlz in action, capturing my buddy Dan’s golf swing on hole #12

Cradlz Features

These days everyone shoots video with their iPhones or Android devices and many use the video footage for analyzing and improving their golf games.  Cradlz is a smartphone holster device which can hold a cell phone or camera by clamping onto the edges.  Using an alignment stick stuck into the ground, the Cradlz can be mounted near the golfer during practice or even a real golf round to record every swing.  I have many swings per round which I probably wouldn’t want to watch, ever.  Identifying the problem is one step closer to solving it.

On The Course

I’ve actually played a couple of rounds with the Cradlz in the bag with the alignment stick (included with a particular package) in with my clubs.  When I want to record a swing, I bust out the Cradlz and within seconds I’m capturing video.  It couldn’t be easier, unless I had a camera crew out there.


Cradlz can be purchased in either a holster-only or holster with alignment stick setup.  The holster-only version is $29.95 while the version with the alignment stick is $37.95.  Alignment sticks are sold separately for $9.95.


This is a fun golf gadget which actually serves a great purpose, helping the golfer play better.  Playing better means lower scores and more enjoyment of this great game.  I’m all for that.

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