Golf Apparel Review: Kentwool 19th Hole Collection Socks – Weddings, Funerals, Clubhouse…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, March 26th, 2013
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Kentwool 19th Hole Collection – click to zoom

I’m a big believer, fan, user, lover, homer for Kentwool socks.  I’m wearing a pair of Kentwool Tour golf socks right now.  There is not a more comfortable golf sock on this planet and I’m fairly sure several other planets as well.  Kentwool makes dress dress/casual socks now also.  The dress sock version is called the 19th Hole Collection.

The 19th Hole collection is made with the same fantastic wool that Kentwool is famous for.  These are a little thinner than the golf socks but still very soft and comfortable.

You may be thinking that wool socks are too hot, as I did.  Not the case with Kentwools.  I get very hot in long socks, but not these.

I’m not a fan of dressing up.  In fact I’m the crazy guy you see walking around Salt Lake on January 2nd in shorts when there are three feet of snow on the ground and the temps are 35 degrees below freezing.  I pretty much dress up for weddings and funerals, and I’m not a big fan of either.     At least I have the comfort advantage of the 19th Hole Collection.


There are 13 variants in the styles and colors for the 19th Hole Collection.  See the image below for a few of them.

19th Hole Collection styles/colors – click to zoom


(Spoken in the voice of the “most interesting man in the world”) I don’t always dress up. But when I do, I prefer Kentwool 19th Hole Collection socks.

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