First Look: Cobra Golf Amp Cell irons, in red of course…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 21st, 2013
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What a great time in golf.  We can actually match our clubs to our outfits, or in my case to my favorite college team, the UTES.  I’ve just shot some photos of the new irons in for review here, the Cobra Amp Cell irons.  These are very pretty.  Do they play as great as they look?  I don’t know because it actually SNOWED today.

Cobra Amp Cell Irons - click for more

Cobra Amp Cell Irons – click for more

As soon as the snow melts and the conditions are suitable for golf, I’ll start testing these babies out.  Stay tuned.  Until then, enjoy the HOG Cobra image gallery where you’ll find all sorts of images of Cobra golf clubs including the Amp Cell irons and Amp Cell driver.

Cobra Golf

Cobra Amp Cell Irons – click to zoom

10 responses to “First Look: Cobra Golf Amp Cell irons, in red of course…”

  1. Goldie says:

    Whoa! These look really cool! Is it just the irons or is there a putter in this edition too?

  2. Jennie says:

    These are sooooo coool. The red’s such a great accent, too. I’ve just started playing golf, so I’m just getting into this whole thing. I’ve been practicing my putting with ball targets () every chance I get.