Filtering out the noise. Golf social networking’s top 10 overused status updates.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 18th, 2013
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It seems like every golf related social network posts the same updates.  Am I the only one who gets tired of the same posts?  I’m going to post the HOG top 10 overused golf social networking status updates here, and you can count along as your favorite golf entities post these over and over again! Happy counting.

This list can also be freely distributed as a guide for posting if you run a golf social network. No need to work at your network. No need to be original. Be like all the rest and post all of these updates below! You’ll blend in with the noise perfectly…

Stop now. Please…

#10: Caption This

Ah yes, the super-original “caption this” gig. In this one the golf social networker will post an overused golf photo like the one with the guys running off the green being chased by a bear. Another good photo is the one with the lady golfer in short shorts with giant boobs. She’s standing over a putter and golf ball. Her boobs are so big she can’t see the ball.

My caption for caption this?  “ZZZZZZZZZZZ”

#9: Name The Course

When golf social networking managers are lazy or bored they can always post the popular “name this course” photo.

Want to win every name that course photo contest from now until eternity? Google has an image search where you can upload the image and google will identify it. So download the name-the-course photo and upload it into the google image search. Winner winner….

#8: Press Releases

I’ve posted press releases. Guilty. Does anyone read them or do they just junk up the golf social networking stream?

I’m leaning toward junk…

#7: What’s In The Bag

This one is so underused, NOT.  Post the “what’s in the bag” for this week’s winner on tour. What’s in Tiger Woods’s bag? Gee I don’t know… NIKE perhaps? It seems like some websites are dedicated to posting thousands of photos of every golfer’s bag on the planet.

I’ll make it easy for you here so you don’t need to waste your time reading the what’s in the bag posts anymore:

Tiger Woods plays Nike. Rory McIlory plays Nike. Phil Mickelson plays Callaway. Luke Donald plays Mizuno. Brandt Snedker plays Bridgestone. Should I go on? Lee Westwood plays PING. Dustin Johnson plays TaylorMade. Let’s see who am I forgetting?

#6: Where are you playing golf this weekend?

This one is always a winner, if you like posting the same post that 14,000 other golf social networks have posted for the last 403 Fridays.

The “where are you playing this weekend” post is best posted on Fridays and followed up on Mondays with #5 below:

#5: Where did you play this past weekend? Option 2: How did you play this weekend?

This one has been posted 400 billion times on Facebook and Twitter.  Combined with the 400 billion “Where are you playing golf this weekend” posts, that’s 800 billion!

You can win this golf tee! Just fill out or contest form with your email address and social security number…

#4: Lame Contests

Golfers love free stuff and they seem to be willing to sell their soul to the devil, or at least agree to be data harvested for future spam or become a member of a lame website, all in order to win a free hat. Is a free hat really worth getting spammed the rest of your life?

Face it people. These contests are ploys to data harvest your email or to gain false membership/traffic numbers. Would you be a fan of a golf social network or website if it did NOT give away free stuff? Hmmm. Give that one some thought.

If you run a golf website please ask yourself these questions: Do you have readers/followers because your site is useful, entertaining or informative?  Or do you have followers simply because they want free sh!t? We know who you are.


Do you get these? There’s some automated system on Twitter which mentions your Twitter handle and says “The xxxxx Daily is out! > Top stories today via @yourtwitterhandle”

Does ANYONE read these? They’re supposed to make the person who was mentioned excited because they’re publicized somewhere but it is just content farming with ads. They’re farming your content and putting google ads on the landing pages. Get it? They’re using your own content to drive you to their site, which has ads on it. They’re making money selling ads on their site which you visited to read your material which they stole! Brilliant!

#2: Regurgitating Other Posts

If you filtered out the repetitive posts and copied headlines, the golf social network would be much cleaner. There is quite a bit of status update bandwagon jumping in golf social networking. What’s more funny is when someone’s Twitter of Facebook (likely automated) posts the headline 1.5 weeks late. Tiger won last week but their post the following Wednesday says Tiger leads after round #1! That makes them look even more boneheaded.

And now…. the all time #1, super duper mega overdone, overused, posted billions of times too many on golf social networking post is…. drum roll… the envelope please…

Tiger Woods

Will Tiger Woods break Jack’s record? I might break your jaw if you ask that question one more time…

#1 Will Tiger Woods break Jack Nicklaus’s record?

OMG I’ve read this one so many times on Facebook and Twitter that I almost barf every time now. Throw in golf forums too.

Golf social network managers please STOP posting this question! For the love of GOLF, think of something new to post!

Combine these top 10 for fun!

For fun I typed “Tiger Woods” into the search field on Twitter. I found a combination of two of these top 10 golf social posts. In minutes I found about 10 different Twitter accounts posting what Tiger Woods had in the bag for his 76th Tour win at the WGC Cadillac Championship. That’s a combination of top 10 overused #2 (regurgitating posts) and #7 (what’s in the bag). Nicely done combining two!

My little Twitter search was very educational too. I found out that Tiger was playing Nike golf clubs! Imagine that! You learn something new every day.

Stay tuned for my next golf blog post, “caption this photo of what was in Tiger Woods’s golf bag and what course he played this past weekend as he attempted to break Jack Nicklaus’s record and win a free golf hat, but only if you supply your email address…”

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