A note to the TSA: Put my damn golf travel bag back the way you found it!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 11th, 2013
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I shlep my golf clubs all over this big blue ball.  My clubs and bags have been inspected violated many times over.  I keep the old TSA notices in the bag and there are dozens of them.  I don’t have a problem with the TSA looking in my bag.  I don’t want the airplane to be blown up so sure, take a look at my sticks and my golf balls.  Play with the laser rangefinder.  Inspect the 12 golf energy bars and make sure they’re not explosives.  Look at everything and then put your courtesy note in there.  Great.

TSA Golf Bag


Now that you awesome TSA people have looked all through my bag do me a favor.  Put the f*&king thing back the way you found it!  Every time I travel all the crap that I put IN my bag is OUT of my bag and rattling around inside the travel case because you leave all the zippers on the golf bag open.  I have to gather up all the tees, balls and the random stuff from the travel bag and put it back in the golf bag.

The bag itself is secured to the frame of the travel bag by straps.  This helps protect my precious golf clubs from damage and shifting during transport.  When you TSA folks undo the straps which secure my bag that’s cool as long as to PUT IT BACK to the way it was so my clubs aren’t damaged.



This past trip I found a curious TSA paper in my golf bag.  This one said that the Department of Transportation prohibits the carriage of hazardous materials in checked baggage and that “all hazardous materials discovered in my baggage have been removed.”  What the hell did they find?  The only thing hazardous in my bag is my putter, and it is only a threat to my opponents.  I don’t carry fuel, gas, matches, lighters or anything hazardous.  I’d REALLY like to know what the hell you took from my bag.  What was this mysterious hazard you removed TSA?


7 responses to “A note to the TSA: Put my damn golf travel bag back the way you found it!”

  1. SimonM says:

    Oh boy, don’t get me started on the TSA. Twice now on golf trips, I’ve had those little TSA approved combination locks on my bag. They are marked in big white letters “TSA approved” That means the TSA monkeys have special keys that open the locks. Did they use the key? NO. They cut the zipper off with a wire cutter. The first time I put a claim in for the repair costs, which were $35. They offered me $12 and refused to make me whole! After the second time they did this I just stopped using the locks.

  2. BobbySTX says:

    Don’t let your wife put her make-up bag in your golf bag!
    The tightened cap on her nail polish, in the zipped bag, may come off and spill nail polish all over the heads of ALL your clubs.

  3. burt glick says:

    you’ve been bitching about this for over a week now . how bout letting it go……..





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