Pre-WGC Cadillac Rory McIlory Interview In 7 Words

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, March 10th, 2013
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Rory McIlroy NikeRory McIlory made a booboo and walked off the course at the Honda last week.  He’s young.  Really young.  He has some learning to do, yes.  He faced up to the press on Wednesday before the WGC Cadillac Championship to talk about that and his struggles.  I’m not sure if the press guys keep asking the same question in hopes that one of the million times they ask it they will get the answer they’re looking for, or if they’re just plain boneheads.  They must have asked Rory about 1,500,003 times if his struggles were because of his new Nike Golf equipment.  Instead Rory mentioned he was working on an issue with his swing.  This went back and forth… forever.  I reduced the entire interview down to 7 words:

Press: Is it the equipment?

McIlory: No. My swing.

See how easy that was?  Next question.

For those of you who think it is the equipment, what about Tiger Woods this week.  He WON the WGC Cadillac convincingly, with the same Nike gear.  How about the other players on the LPGA Tour, Tour and in the PGA Tour’s Puerto Rico Open who won this week with the same gear?  I’ve been as critical of Nike gear as anyone when it deserves the critiques and touted it when I felt it deserved it, like the season I played a Machspeed Black driver and hit 80% of my fairways.

Rory finished T8 this week after a 65 on Sunday.  I guess he overcame the gear issues…

The main point is that it is no wonder guys like Tiger can’t stand these interviews.  They have to answer the same questions over and over.  It must be frustrating.

3 responses to “Pre-WGC Cadillac Rory McIlory Interview In 7 Words”

  1. Brian J. Markowitz says:

    I don’t think the question is directed at the gear itself, but rather the changing of the gear. Moving from one brand to another when he was at the top of his game didn’t seem wise, and the press is hounding him on what was a purely financial move. So they are just trying to drive home the point that it may have bitten him in the…





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