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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, February 19th, 2013
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In the winter time here I don’t get to review a lot of golf gear.  Thanks though to a trip to Orlando and some lengthy practice sessions I’ve had the chance to test out the new FootJoy M:Project golf shoes.

FootJoy M:Project Golf Shoe

FootJoy M:Project Golf Shoe

These are quite a departure for FootJoy.  Let’s take a look.

M:Project Overview

Golf shoes have gone many directions in the last few years.  The “street” thing is still big.  Another very cool direction golf shoes have gone is in the super-light, minimal design area.

FootJoy M:Project Golf Shoes – Click to zoom

The M:Projects are much lighter than regular FJ’s.  This is thanks to many new construction strategies and materials.  For instance, the “P.I.N.S.” system gives the shoes a lower profile as the cleat receptacles are thinner.  That’s great. One of my beefs with golf shoes is that they have soles which are too thick.  Thicker soles make my back hurt for some reason.

“M:SPEC” leather on the upper is very thin but strong.  Another way to make the shoe lighter and improve the feel.

Even the cleats themselves (Stealth Cleats by Softspikes) feature a low profile design.

Comfort & Feel

With a great pair of modern wool golf socks on my feet, the first time I slipped into the M:Project was memorable to say the least.  The comfort is fantastic right out of the box.  Unlike many higher end golf shoes, the toe on the M:Project is wider and more round.  Not pointed.  This really helps in the comfort area.  Nice to not have the toes squished together like the pointed golf shoes can do.

Walking around, even on pavement, the M:Projects with the Stealth Cleats provide a great cushion.  The impact on the lower body and back is greatly reduced.  I needed these when I played St. Andrews for days, walking around on ground as hard as the freeway.  Trust me.  I’ll be bringing these babies when I go there this July.

The leather is very soft.  Extremely comfortable with great feel.  They breath very well, spoken from someone who sweats most from the knees down.

Without a break-in period I put a brand new pair of M:Projects into play.  From the first steps I took in the parking lot my first day with the M:Projects to the final step into the 19th hole, the comfort level was off the charts.  I’ve been tempted to simply wear them around town.

Mesh FootJoy M:Project Golf Shoe – click for higher res version


As I said before, these are a departure for FootJoy.  FJ has been a more “classic” design shoe company.  The M:Projects still have a classy vibe, but are much less conservative in style.

I have the white pair with black and red trip (most of the photos here), but I’m dying to get my hands on the silver mesh ones (pictured right) I saw at the PGA Merchandise Show.  Very cool looking.


To be a gamer shoe for me I have three requirements: performance, comfort and looks.  I rate my requirements in that order.

I’ve got many golf shoes in the garage collecting dust which can only boast one of my three primary requirements.  Some are great looking but have poor comfort.  Some have great performance and stability but are not attractive.  The M:Project line gives me all three.  My stability (for my spastic swing) is unmatched.

On the course or in practice I’ve NEVER slipped or lost any sort of stability in my base.  Never.


M:Projects come in sizes ranging from 7-15, depending on the width of the shoe.  Widths are N, M, W and XW.

There are roughly 10 different colors available.

Leather or Mesh

The M:Project series is available in leather or mesh.  Both are waterproof, with a 2-year waterproof guarantee.

Spiked or Spikeless

Along with the many colors and leather/mesh options, the shoes are available in spiked or spikeless.

Spikeless FJ M:Project – click to zoom

I tested out the leather-spiked version.  Looking forward to checking out perhaps a mesh spikeless next.


I’m happy to see FootJoy take a chance on some very cool new shoe designs and materials.  The $145 (retail) M:Project wrap up the three key requirements a golf shoe must have to be a gamer for me, performance, comfort and style.  Well played FootJoy.  Well played.

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