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Bringing the Masters home with pimento cheese sandwiches in the winter

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 7th, 2013
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I just went through some photos of my trip to the Masters/Augusta National last year (2012).  What a place.  I’m not sure how many pimento cheese sandwiches I ate, because I lost count.  It was that many in the two days I was there. Now I’m making my own pimento cheese sandwiches and dare I say, they might just be better than the ones at Augusta, though the atmosphere isn’t quite the same.  Some history here…


As a popular golf blog I receive a lot of product submissions for review.  So many that I can’t possibly get to them all.  I prioritize them as best I can, and review the ones I think the HOG readers will be most entertained and informed by.  Over the years I started to receive food submissions strangely enough.  I received so many in fact, that I started up an entirely different web site to review food and beverages.  That site isn’t worked as much as HOG, but I do regularly post those food/drink reviews over at Megachomp.com.  Check it out.

Tonya’s Gourmet Cheese Spreads

Today’s is a food review, but this one isn’t going to Megachomp.  There’s a golf angle…

Tonya's Carolina Blend Cheese Spread

Tonya’s Carolina Blend Cheese Spread

I’ve been greatly enjoying Tonya’s Carolina Blend – Gourmet Cheese Spread. This is a very tasty pimento cheese blend with all sorts of other good stuff in there including diced olives and jalapenos.

Tonya’s calls their spreads appetizers but I make “sammiches” from them which rival those I’ve had at Augusta National.  Other suggested uses are as toppings on hamburgers or french fries.  I may need to try that.

A tub of the spread runs $5.99 from Tonya’s web site, a lot cheaper than Masters tickets!

I’ll be posting about the other spreads I’m trying on Megachomp.com, so watch for the rest there!  Happy chomping.

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