Scary Halloween Golf Tournament Format

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 31st, 2012
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What a crappy pin placement! – click to magnify

As club president of my men’s association for 6-7 years, one of the best legacies I left on the club was the annual Halloween “Hell Day” tournament.  Other clubs call them different names like “Monster Mash,” or “Halloween Horror Tournament.”

The Format

In the Hell Day format we set the golf course up in the most crazy and difficult way possible.  We put the tees on sideslopes, behind trees, on roads, on the driving range mats… any devilish position we can think of.  We introduce odd rules, like having to hit pumpkins in the fairway, or having to knock a ball into a greenside bunker before one can hit it onto the green.

On the greens we have a lot of fun.  We put pumpkins in the fall line around the hole and call them rub of the green.  Can’t move them.  We put the pins in the absolute worst possible place, like on a severe slope at the edge of the green where a missed putt might roll away 40 feet or perhaps off the green into a bunker.


Perhaps even better than the tournament format itself, is the trophy my club awards.

Halloween Trophy

I want this trophy bad! Love the skulls. Click to zoom.

The Hell Day trophy has a skull or skulls on it like this really cool one above from the 2012 Hell Day putting contest.  I missed taking this baby home by one stroke. Maybe next year…

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