Golf Gadget Review: KP Golf Measuring Tape

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, October 26th, 2012
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KP Golf Tape

KP Golf Tape in action – click to magnify

I play with two groups of golfers who have a “greenie” game.  Greenies are awarded to the player who is closest to the pin, usually on par-3’s or in the case of one of my groups on every hole.  Greenies are worth a buck in this group, but with carryovers they can add up.  So there have been some intense times when there’s a four hole greenie carryover and there’s a dispute as to who is really closer.  We’re talking big money here, $16 to the winner.

Now that I have a KP Golf Tape in the bag, those disputes are resolved perfectly and without any doubt.  KP Golf Tape is a 100 foot long measuring tape designed and built for golf.  Let’s take a look.

KP Golf Tape Features

  • Tape clip clamps around the flagstick and rotates 360 degrees.  One person can operate it.
  • Clip stays above the cup, eliminating any possible damage to the green.
  • Tape is 100 feet long. I walked it off to find out, then realized it said 100FT on the darn casing!  Duh.
  • Retractable handle extends to roll tape back up easily.
  • Made in the USA, so it will not fall apart like cheap golf junk from China.
  • All metal parts are stainless steel.
KP Golf Measuring Tape

KP Golf Tape – click to zoom


Like I mentioned, KP Golf Tape is great for measuring greenies.

The tape would make great use for golf course officials who need to determine who is away in match play.  While the USGA was here in town for the Amateur Public Links, I watched many USGA officials fuddling with regular tape measures and asking for someone to help out and hold the tape measure to the cup or stick.  That mess would be rectified easily with a KP Golf Tape unit.

Another usage is for practice drills.  One could use the tape to put tees or markers in a green at a certain distance from a pin.

With the clamp’s ability to rotate around the hole, a circle could be easily painted for competitions with the help of the KP Golf Tape.

KP Golf Tape

Clamps on flagstick – click to zoom


KP Golf Tape is a super solid unit.  Very well built.  At $49.95 it is an investment, but it will probably last longer than the investor.  If you or your organization finds the need for measurements around the green, KP Golf Tape is the ticket.


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