Review: Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, October 7th, 2012
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I get some funky golf product review submissions.  Today’s is a golf swing trainer which looks like a long golf club with a golf ball on the handle end, and an orange on the other.  This is the Orange Whip swing trainer.

So what the heck is this thing and how is it going to convert weekend duffers to PGA Tour pros?


The Orange Whip is designed to teach and ingrain golfers with the fundamentals of the golf swing motion in both timing and swing path.  The unit’s weight and flexible shaft helps golfers increase their flexibility and core strength.


The flex of the shaft helps golfers prevent jerky motions, somewhat similar to the hinged practice clubs which break down if the club’s momentum changes to quickly.  This helps the golfer implement a smooth takeaway and more importantly a smooth transition at the top.

Orange Whip golf swing trainer

Dan puts the Orange Whip to the test! Click to zoom


If the hands are manipulating the club, the weights of the Orange Whip will expose those issues and help correct them.  Swing plane problems, casting or going outside-in with the club, are exposed with the trainer.


The shaft’s “whippiness” in conjunction with the weight, really helps accentuate balance issues.  Swinging the unit helps to bring better awareness to balance and keeping a solid base.


The Whip can be used for 5-10 minutes per day as simply an exercise device.  The weighting of the club can provide a good workout for the arms, shoulders and especially core.

Orange Whip Trainer Review

Orange Whip – click to zoom


The Orange Whip is available in three models:

  • Orange Whip Trainer – Standard unit for men and taller women: 47.5 inches, 1.76 pounds.
  • Orange Whip Golden – For users under 5’6″: 44 inches, 1.76 pounds
  • Orange Whip Hickory – For juniors 7-12 or for players whose shorter clubs/wedges can benefit from the drills.  38 inches, 1.3 pounds.

In The Garage, Back Yard, Living Room

I’ve been swinging the unit for a while.  Timing is definitely a part of my game which is accentuated.  My takeaway is fine, but my transition at the top can get a little quick.  The Whip helps me get that transition timing down.

As an exercise device this unit will come in handy, especially when the snow starts flying here soon.  I lose my golf muscles and flexibility over the 4-6 winter months we have here in Salt Lake.  I’ll be using the whip in the winter to stay loose.


The Orange Whip is priced at $109.  That is a bit steep in my book.


When used properly the Orange Whip could provide some good swing plane feedback and timing training.  The weighting and shaft flex can help build up and keep up golf muscles and muscle memory.


Orange Whip website

Orange Whip images

8 responses to “Review: Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer”

  1. Bill C says:

    nice job! I like the concept…


    Hi Tony,
    I bought the “SPEED WHOOSH” trainer last May,and it helped me with my timing issues. Both the Orange whip and Speed Woosh should help most golfers and they’re good for warming up. The absolute BEST thing I bought was a TEETER HANG-UP! It was the one thing responsible for me to drop my handicap from 32 to 20 this year! But more importantly,my back just plain doesn’t hurt anymore. I don’t know if you’ve talked about it in your blog,or used one yourself,but if you have lower back issues,ask your doctor if it would be OK to try this thing. It’s the best $300.00 you will ever spend! Thanks for the reviews.ROBERT

  3. SimonM says:

    I was given one of these to try at my local range a month or two ago. I’m pretty sure it was the shorter version (golden). While I did like the rythm it helped promote, for a strong, fit guy (yes, me), there was barely any workout benefit from that version that I could detect, even after 20 minutes of use..

    Perhaps the regular trainer that is longer would give greater benefits.

  4. Ian says:

    This tool could help golfers of all skill sets. Timing and core work are huge concepts that many average golfers overlook when playing. Timing plays a huge part in a swings success because with early timing, the swing can become all out of sync. Too late, and all hell breaks loose. This tool could be the next best thing for any golfer in order to propel their games to new heights. This training aid is mostly helpful for feedback on your swing as it won’t fix everything after one use. It will have to be used multiple times in order to engrave these movements within your swing.

  5. Thanks for the comments “Ian.”

  6. TK says:

    I also use my to warm up in the parking lot if I don’t have time to hit balls. I start with little swings to loosen my lower back and gradually make smooth full swings. It a nice sensation to think about as I hit that first drive.





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