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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, October 5th, 2012
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Club Whizz

The Club Whizz – click to zoom

My backlog of golf gadgets and gizmos has grown to some pretty amazing proportions, especially since I’ve been doing a lot of golf travel lately, not to mention the FedEx and Ryder Cups.  Time to bust out a review this Friday, before I head off to play in a fun tournament with my pops.

Club Whizz

Club Whizz is a circular brush which attaches to golf cart wheels.  A mount stays on the wheel while the main brush section is removable for transport and storage.  While walking the player can put his club face on the brush and the spinning wheel will clean the club, with the dirt and debris ending up on the ground and not on the player’s golf towel.  The brush can also be used to clean golf shoes, either while mounted on the wheel or removed and used in hand.

Club Whizz

Installs easily. Click to zoom.


Installation of the Club Whizz was not difficult.  On my push cart, three metal clips attach to the rim of the wheel, between the tread of the tire and the rim.  Three green adjustable straps go through the base.  The straps click into place like cable ties. Numbers on the straps allow you to precisely center the brush on the wheel so it turns perfectly and not lopsided.

The brush unit clamps easily onto the mount and once again, can be removed for travel or for use in hand.

club whizz

In action. Click to zoom.

On The Course

I admit that a lot of people were inquisitive about the brush.  I found the unit worked well for basic cleaning.  The bristles were not quite strong enough to get the really tough dirt and grass out of the grooves though.  You know, the kind that requires a golf tee to scrape out?

I used the unit for cleaning off my spikes of my shoes as well.  Good traction means a more solid base and the opportunity to hit better shots.


The Club Whizz is a fun way of keeping the clubs clean while walking off a few calories, for the golf gadget buff.  Will it shave strokes off your game?  Perhaps by helping you hit better shots with cleaner clubs and better shoe stability.


Club Whizz website

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