Review: Polara Self-Correcting Golf Balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, September 21st, 2012
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Today I’m reviewing a very interesting golf ball series from a company called Polara.  The Polara golf ball is unique in that its dimple pattern is designed to reduce side-spin.  Side-spin is what causes the golf ball to curve off line, either hooking or slicing, drawing or fading.  Polara has four models in this self-correcting ball series, the XD Extra Distance, XDS Extra Distance & Spin, Ultimate Straight and Ultimate Straight XS.

Polara Golf Balls

Polara golf balls reduce slices and hooks

Before I go any farther with my evaluation I should clarify that this ball does not conform to USGA or R&A rules.  It is not legal to play this in an official handicap round or tournament.  Being legal is not the point for Polara.  The point is keeping the ball in play and increasing the FUN a player experiences in a casual round of golf.

Polara Technology

As mentioned, Polara’s dimple patterns reduce hooks and slices between 50%-75%, depending on the model.  The XD and XDS are 50% correction and the Ultimate Straight series is 75% correction.

To achieve this correction, the dimples around the equator are shallower while the dimples around the poles of the ball are deeper.  This variance in dimples not only promotes straighter ball flight, it also creates a unique weighting distribution.  That distribution promotes higher MOI (moment of inertia) also promotes straighter ball flight.

When playing the ball, the player needs to align the arrows on the ball toward the target.  See the arrows in the first image.  That gets the dimples and weighting of the ball aligned properly.

Polara Golf BallsOn The Course

I had a buddy of mine, Dan, try the Polaras with me.  I don’t think Dan has ever hit a draw in his life.  He has a standard fade which sometimes gets out of control and turns into a slice.  Dan is perfect for testing a ball like this.  I played some shots on the course too, though I don’t hook or slice.  I typically hit the ball very straight.

Our results were quite dramatic.  As promised the Polara balls flew straighter.  We hit every fairway with the Polaras, while some of our premium “tour” ball results were missed fairways or worse (hazard in my case).  But more amazing to me was the distance gain I experienced.  I found a 25 yard gain at the minimum with the Polaras and some were as much as 40-50 yards longer.


Here are some video highlights of our testing.  Apologies for the wind.  In fact, that is worth mentioning.  You can hear how strong the wind is in this video below, yet the Polara still flew dead straight and long for me.


Priced at $35 retail per dozen, these balls could make the game more fun for players who aren’t posting handicap or tournament scores.  I can’t honestly say I’ll be putting them in play, because I record every score I post for my handicap religiously.  I might just keep some handy for the day I get invited to a “hit and giggle” corporate or charity scramble so I can get that extra 50 yards!


Polara website

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6 responses to “Review: Polara Self-Correcting Golf Balls”

  1. Denny says:

    Sounds like a ball I could use. Trying to hit a long ball often results in me coming across the ball and slicing it. If this ball can keep me long and in play, it is worth the price of an almost premium ball.

  2. Douglas says:

    Thank you for the review I’m going to give it a try. @ Denny If your interested improving swing Accuracy And Consistency i highly recommend this e-book.

  3. Paul says:

    Distance and straight is great off the tee, but how well does the Polara hold the green?

  4. Thanks for chiming in Paul. I appreciate your patronage here on HOG!

    There are distance and spin models of the ball. Obviously the spin version is better around the greens. Do they perform like a Srixon Z-Star, Taylormade TP5 or Titleist ProV1? Not quite.

  5. Barry Studer says:

    They would be fun to try- how are they around he green? Barry Studer





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