Review: Boccieri Q2-M Heavy Belly Putter

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, September 21st, 2012
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Belly putters are the rage.  Some big PGA Tour players have seemingly resurrected their careers by switching to belly putters, like Adam Scott, Vijay Singh and Ernie Els.  Other younger players have succeeded right out of the gate with bellies, like Keegan Bradley and Webb Simpson.  Today I’m doing my best attempt at a review of the Boccieri Heavy Belly Q2-M belly putter.  I say attempt.  Read on.

Boccieri Golf Heavy Belly Putter

Boccieri Golf’s Heavy Putter Q2-M – click to zoom

Boccieri Heavy Belly Q2-M Overview

First lets discuss the Q2-M model.  This model is available in standard and belly lengths from Boccieri, as are all of their putters.  The head is a traditional heel/toe weighted toe-droop blade with a plumber’s neck hosel.  The head has a full shaft offset.  This is a very good setup for me personally with regards to regular length putters.

The putter is “heavy” in that a 200 gram weight is inserted in the butt end of the shaft.  If you haven’t tried a Heavy Putter before, you should.  The extra weight makes it very hard to jerk the putter or break the wrists, two sure ways of putting poorly.  The heavy weight promotes a smooth and straight stroke.


The Q2-M is available in two finishes: Black PVD or Bronze (mine is the Black PVD).

Stock lengths are from 32″-36″ with custom order lengths.

Head weight can be customized +/- 400 grams.

As mentioned, a 200 gram weight is in the shaft, the “Weight Management System.”

The head is milled of stainless steel with a CNC milled face.

Loft is typically 3 degrees, with custom adjustments +/- 2 degrees.

Lie is 70 degrees.


This putter is very well built and looks beautiful.

Belly putter

Q2-M Toe & Face – click to zoom

I’ve always been impressed with the workmanship of Boccieri’s putters and this one does not disappoint.  All aspects from construction to looks are top of the line.

Stephen Boccieri Video Interview

On The Course

Earlier I mentioned that I’m doing my best “attempt” at a review.  I’m a very confident putter with the stats to back it up.  In fact my putting averages rival the best putters on the PGA Tour.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not an egotist when it comes to my game.  I’m a 2.5 handicap currently, mostly due to putting.  The rest my game is mediocre at best, and the short game is probably that of a 20+ handicapper.  But get the flat stick in my hands and I hold my own.

I tried during no less than four long practice sessions to embrace the belly putting concept.  My shoulders, arms and putter are all one moving piece with no breakdowns in my regular stroke with a short putter.  It is smooth and pendulum like.  But when I anchored the Q2-M to my belly I couldn’t get it.  It isn’t just this putter either.  I simply can’t putt belly style.   The head is literally zig-zagging and I nearly miss the ball sometimes.  If there was a shank on the putter I’d probably shank every other putt, while toe-shanking the others.  I have no feel for distance control either.

Boccieri GolfConclusion

I’ve tried to be as honest as possible in this piece.  I really gave it my best attempt, but the belly thing is not for me. I can attest to the quality of the putter and its workmanship.  I can say it is aesthetically as nice as any Scotty Cameron I’ve seen and all that.  But I can’t honestly “evaluate” a belly putter’s performance, because I can’t belly putt.  My apologies to Stephen Boccieri.  I gave it my best shot.

If you DO prefer a belly putter, the heavy belly may be a good choice though.  Give it a shot.  And if you are in Scottsdale you can get fitted in the Boccieri Research & Performance Center.


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