Review: Wellzher Sunday Golf Bag – Less Than Two Pounds

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 12th, 2012
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I’m in the planning stages of the next trip to the home of golf, St. Andrews, Scotland.  One big decision to make is which bag to bring.  There’s a lot of walking and bag carrying over there, not like here in the USA where some courses actually require you to use a cart (or “buggy” in Scotland).  I’m trying to walk a little more and I may have found the perfect bag for that and the upcoming trip, the Wellzher Sunday Golf Bag.

Wellzher Golf Bag

Wellzher Sunday Golf Bag – Less Than 2 Pounds! – click to zoom

About Wellzher

Wellzher formed in 1993, producing golf gloves, bags shoes and outdoor shoes for major brands.  The name Wellzher comes from the two words “wellness” and “leisure.”  Wellzher makes products with these two words in mind.  In 2001 Wellzher Corp was established as a golf bag company in the USA, making stand bags, golf travel bags and cart bags.

Wellzher Sunday Golf Bag

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Sunday Golf Bag

The Sunday Bag is perhaps the smallest golf carry bag I’ve ever seen and definitely the smallest I’ve ever used in my own gear lineup.  The bag is meant to make walking and carrying easy and I can attest that it does.  Lets take a close look at the features of the Sunday Bag.


  • 5 Inch Top – The opening of this bag is 5 inches, roughly half of the average size of a regular golf bag.  The bag is designed for 10 clubs.  Don’t get down on that just yet.  I managed to squeeze 14 clubs in this thing with a little work.  And, there are a few clubs I almost never use so 10 clubs is enough if I really want to carry this bag.
  • 2-way full length divider – The bag has two full length sections which helps prevent the clubs from snagging on each other when inserting and taking them out.
  • An internal tube down the length of the bag protects the clubs.
  • Breathable glove pocket.
  • Internal fleece lined valuable pocket.
  • Detachable rain cover, with inner breathable pocket.
  • Large towel ring.
  • 5 total pockets: 4 zippered and 1 mesh.
  • External tee holders.
  • Weighs UNDER two pounds.

On The Course

I was a bit unhappy to hear that this bag only held 10 clubs.  At that point I figured I wouldn’t use the bag much.  But after loading all 14 in I was no longer unhappy.  It takes some fussing to get them in all the way but I did it.  Ultimately I think if I settled on 10-12 clubs I’d be fine.  And to tell the truth, I hit some clubs perhaps one time per round and sometimes never.  I almost never hit my 3-wood or 4-iron.

I’ve had a blast carrying this bag during my recent rounds.  The bag is SO light it should be illegal.  I love to walk and prefer to carry, but my bad back doesn’t like it.  With this bag it isn’t an issue at all and the back is fine.


Silly I know, but works great!

For laughs I threw this bag on a golf cart and trolley.  It is quite silly really, but it can be done.

The pockets are not large on the Sunday bag, so if you are looking to pack rain pants, a rain top, two dozen balls, a six pack of beer and other items like that, this may not be the bag for you.  But here in the summer when the bag is light on items, this is perfect option.

When I hit St. Andrews next summer this will probably be my bag of choice.  Being so light, traveling with this baby will be fantastic.  I’m betting my caddie will love how small and easy to carry this bag is.

I had the opportunity to use the rain cover last week.  It installs without trouble via the Velcro around the opening.  Club access is easy.

Wellzher Sunday Bag

4 colors…

The Sunday Bag is available in four colors: Black, Gray, Red, Blue. Obviously the bag pictured in my photos is the gray version.


How many clubs do you really use?  If you want to minimize your setup a bit, take a close look at the Sunday Bag by Wellzher.  It is really everything you need from an ultralight carry bag and nothing you don’t need.  To top it off the bag retails at a price just as minimal as its footprint, $50.  As of the publish date of this article the bag is on sale for $39.99.


Wellzher website

Hooked On Golf Blog Wellzher photo gallery

2 responses to “Review: Wellzher Sunday Golf Bag – Less Than Two Pounds”

  1. Boynie says:


  2. Legalbgl says:

    I have this bag. Its pretty good to go to the range with, but I wouldn’t take it on the course. Don’t know how you got 14 clubs in there, I think 10 is pushing it (I guess my midsize grips change things.)

    The pockets being REALLY tiny is my chief complaint. But as I said, I use it at the range mostly, so not a huge deal.





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