Review: Royal And Awesome Zebra to Ze-bar Golf Shorts

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, August 15th, 2012
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Royal & Awesome Shorts

Lookin’ good on the #3 tee…

With the popularity of John Daly and his Loudmouth Golf apparel, it was only a matter of time before we started to see a few more apparel lines with the same flavor.   In that vein, Royal & Awesome makes men’s trousers, shorts and flat caps with some very psychedelic colors and patterns.

Zebra to Ze-bar

Today I’m covering my cool black and white zebra shorts called “Zebra to Ze-bar.”  Get it?  Yes, very sophisticated.   These are fun and comfortable shorts to wear and let me tell you, the comments you receive are possibly more entertaining than the shorts themselves.  Here are a few:

“You lost the bet eh?”

“Where do the batteries go?”

“Your wife let you out of the house looking like that?”

My responses:

“You need to have the body for them.”

“You can’t wear bold shorts like these unless you have the golf game to back ’em up.”


These shorts are made from 97% cotton.  I’m not a big cotton fan for a few reasons and these reasons do come into play with the Royal & Awesome shorts.  First, cotton gets wrinkly.  So, often I need to iron these babies before I can wear them.  Unlike spandex or a poly, these do come out of the wash in need of an ironing.

Cotton shrinks.  These shorts fit a tiny bit tight on me (must have had too many strombolis the week before).  After washing, they’re a bit tighter.  They do mention that ironing helps loosen them back up, so I’ll give that a shot.

Zebra golf shorts

Cool tee loops… click to zoom


These shorts have a really cools set of loops above the pocket where you can put golf tees.  Nice thing about that is not having tees in your pocket stabbing you.

Another extra is that each pair of shorts comes with a combination divot tool and bottle opener.  Those happen to be the two tools I use most.  How convenient!


Sizes for R&A’s shorts are 32, 34, 36, 38.

Other Styles

There are 10 styles (shorts or trousers) including the Zebra to Ze-bar model.  Most are patterns but one is a solid pink which I really dig.

Royal and Awesome shorts

Backside… click to zoom


Royal & Awesome is a great alternative to Loudmouth Golf.  The shorts and patterns are fun.  The little extras are nice too.  I’d buy one size larger than your normal size to compensate for the tighter cut and a bit of shrinkage.


Royal & Awesome website

Royal & Awesome image gallery

(Coming soon) My review of the Royal and Awesome pink trousers

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