Review: Slammin’ Sam Snead Premium Lager – Smoothest Beer In Golf

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 10th, 2012
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Slammin' Sam Snead Premium Lager

Bottle or can, the flavor is just as good…

The latest tests in “HOG Lab” were very tough.  HOG Lab tests are very thorough.  I go through every possible situation, setting, configuration.  I put the products through extensive and detailed testing, in real world situations.


At 5:01PM Wednesday I cracked open the first test unit, a can of Slammin’ Sam Snead Premium Lager, the self proclaimed “Smoothest Beer In Golf.”   I don’t typically drink my beer straight out of the can or bottle.  I really enjoy them when I pour ’em in to a frozen glass or mug.  That’s just what I did in this test.

The color of this beer is a nice orange/yellow.  Definitely a lager.  I expected the beer to be on the light side based on the light color, but the body was quite surprising.  Not overpowering though.  The head of the beer was on par with more premium beers I’ve tried.  I really enjoyed the taste, and found myself able to consume this beer much quicker and easier than I typically can.  I’m not a gulper.  I sip beer typically.  Perhaps the beer really is that smooth if I can down it quicker than normal.

Slammin' Sam Premium Lager

Pretty… Tastes as good as it looks too.


I gave my palette a break for about 30 minutes between my testing of the canned and bottled version.  Once again, I poured the beer into a frozen beer glass.  Normally I enjoy beer from bottles better than cans.  In this case however, I couldn’t tell one bit of difference between the bottle and the can version.  Both had the same great body and smooth taste.

Yes, but can it help your golf game?

The following morning after I tested the two Slammin’ Sam beers, I played 18 holes in my usual weekly grudge match.  I hit 13 of 14 fairways, for 93%, had two birdies and an eagle.   The results speak for themselves.


Slammin’ Sam Snead Premium Lager is a fine brew.  Very tasty and enjoyable.   Do you swing as smooth as Sam Snead after enjoying this beer?  I did.  Now I need to get Slammin’ Sam to send me a lifetime supply so I can assure the same results on all of my golf rounds…

2 responses to “Review: Slammin’ Sam Snead Premium Lager – Smoothest Beer In Golf”

  1. Casey Bierer says:

    Tony –

    Thank you for the wonderful review. Not only is it positive, it’s entertaining. I think Mr. Snead would have had a good chuckle.

    Kind regards,
    Casey Bierer
    Founder & CEO
    Slammin’ Sam Beer

  2. Thanks for the comments Casey. Best of luck with Slammin’ Sam.

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