First Look: Slammin’ Sam Snead Premium Lager – Smoothest Beer In Golf

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, August 8th, 2012
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Slammin' Sam Premium Lager

Is Slammin’ Sam’s beer as smooth as Sam Snead’s golf swing? Testing to commence shortly. Stay tuned…

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I’ve received some of the most interesting, and bizarre product review submissions imaginable.  Everything from BBQ sauce to complex golf training devices with lasers on them.  Two days ago I received perhaps the pinnacle of product submissions, BEER.  What’s next?  Babes, guitars and a fast car…

Slammin’ Sam Premium Lager

I’ve had these babies in the fridge cooling now for about 48 hours.  This evening I’ll be doing the first product testing.  I’ve got mugs in the freezer ready to go.  Its a tough gig.  Tough duty.  I’m up for the task.

Stay tuned for my upcoming Slammin’ Sam Premium Lager review…

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