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Justin Bieber’s Golf Game Interrupted By Paparazzi – Needs Steve Williams On The Bag

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
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I have to admit that I had no idea who “Justin Bieber” was until recently.  Every time I heard the name I thought people were saying “just in beaver.”  I thought WTF?  The guy is an 18 year old teenie bopper singer who produces fluffy pop songs I’m told.  Being a metal head rock and roller and drummer, I’m sure his material is far from anything I’d want to listen to.

While playing a round of golf at Calabasas Country Club, Bieber apparently ran into some problems with paparazzi snapping photos and making noise in his swing.  The desperate photographers even resorted to yelling in Bieber’s swing to get his attention for a better photo.

Bieber took to Twitter to voice his anger:

“Dear paps…golf is supposed to be a relaxing sport..u aren’t supposed to be in the bushes yelling at me with cameras. let me finish the game”

“Gonna stay focused. back at it. not gonna focus on the negative. just a little respect would help.”


Did the photogs yell “mashed potatoes,” or “get in the hole,” or “you da man!” like the idiots who seem to be at every PGA Tour event these days?

Perhaps this kid should enlist the caddie services of Tiger Woods’s former looper and now Adam Scott’s current, Steve Williams.  Professional camera smasher Williams knows how to deal with photographers.

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