Review: 2012 Bridgestone Tour B330-S Golf Ball

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 26th, 2012
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It was a bit of an accident that I got to this review at all.  I’ve I had a box of Bridgestone Tour B330-S golf balls sitting in my garage for some time.  I hadn’t intended to try them any time soon based on my experience with the previous models.  They were simply too hard feeling.  During a recent round I was struggling a bit and had lost a few balls.  When looking for for one of the lost balls, I found a brand new B330-S, the 2012 model with the dual dimple pattern.  I threw the ball into play on the next tee, the 15th hole.  15 is a very tough 440 yard par-4 which is uphill.  I knocked that B330-S inside the 150 marker, the longest drive I’d hit on that hole all year.  I was hitting a wedge into a green I normally hit 5-7 iron.  At that point, the ball had my complete attention.  I’ve played the B330-S now for the last roughly eight rounds with very good results.

Bridgestone Tour B330-S Golf Ball

Bridgestone Tour B330-S Golf Ball – look closely for the dual dimples. Click to zoom.

Bridgestone Golf Tour B330-S Overview

The Tour B330-S is Bridgestone’s higher spin “tour” ball.  “Tour” meaning what most tour players would use.  Tour balls are typically higher compression and higher spin.  That higher compression is one of the reasons I’d avoided trying the ball.  That avoidance was clearly a mistake on my part, as I’m able to compress the ball just fine despite not having the swing speed of someone like Matt Kuchar or Fred Couples.


The B330-S employs Bridgestone’s new “dual dimple” technology.  If you look closely at the dimples of the ball, you’ll see smaller dimples inside them.  This technology helps the ball’s aerodynamics.  During launch the inside dimples help increase thrust power for more distance.  The larger outer dimple promotes a shallow angle of descent and more roll.  I can vouch for that personally.

The core of the golf ball utilizes a “gradational compression” technology.  Rather than being one density, the core varies.  This helps increase ball speed and thus distance.

Unlike many higher end golf balls which have roughly 390 dimples, the B330 has… you guessed it… 330 dimples.  Thus the name.  The dimple pattern helps with a consistent ball flight and great wind performance.

The cover of this ball is Urethane, the standard material used in 99% of “premium” golf balls.  This layer is what gives the ball higher spin on short game shots.


As mentioned before, I found the previous model to be too hard.  This model is noticeably softer between the 13% increase in softness of the cover and the gradational core.

Bridgestone Golf Tour B330-S Golf Ball

Bridgestone Golf Tour B330-S Golf Ball – click to zoom

On The Course

From that first swing I was very impressed with the B330-S.  I’ve gained some very noticeable yardage.  For instance, in the last round I was hitting my ball past a particular opponent about 10 yards.  Normally that opponent is 10 yards ahead of me.  That extra distance for me has been huge.  It is SO much better to hit a 7-iron into a green rather than a 5-iron.

Four days ago I played a round in steady 20-25 mph winds.  I was excited to try the B330-S and see how the dual dimple pattern handled the wind.  I can safely say that WHEN I go back to Scotland to golf, this will likely be the ball I use.  The B330-S handles the wind brilliantly.  In that windy round I actually had my score at -3 for some time.  The finishing stretch had some very tough holes into the wind which killed me a bit, but I still finished with a solid 73, +1.  In those conditions that’s a great score for me.  Of course you have to hit the shots, but the ball responded when I did.


The B330-S is quite durable.  I do have a few scuffs from some square wedge shots and cart paths, but overall this ball will last may holes.


In the video below I interview my buddy Cory from Bridgestone at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show.  He gives us the lowdown on dual dimple design and the new B330 series.  Check it out.  Cory talks about the Tour B330 and B330-S balls at the 2:50 mark.


I’ve been on a birdie-fest since I put this ball in my bag.  I’m hitting longer drives and knocking approach shots close.  I’ve got to wrap this piece up in fact, to head to my Tuesday league where I’ll be collecting skin money for my skin on the par-5 1st hole last week, which I reached in two with the B330-S.  I’ll be teeing up the B330-S again this afternoon, in search of more skins, birdies and low scores.

One response to “Review: 2012 Bridgestone Tour B330-S Golf Ball”

  1. Denny says:

    Bridgestone has a nice stable of golf balls for all level of golfers. I have played their pro-line balls and like them very well and like the two-piece, urethane covered e5 ball and dual dimpled, three-piece e6. I can often find a bargain on many of the Bridgestone models which makes them even more attractive to this golfer on a budget.





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