Review: Pro-Advanced ReadyNet Indoor/Outdoor Golf Practice Net

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, June 7th, 2012
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I’m so happy to have one of these awesome golf practice nets finally! Now I can hit some balls and stay loose without having to drive x miles to a driving range and pay for crappy range balls. I can hit the soft cover premium “tour” golf balls I like to hit which don’t aggravate my golfer’s elbow. My net is the ReadyNet from Pro-Advanced.

ProAdvanced ReadyNet Golf Net

ProAdvanced ReadyNet – click for more

ReadyNet Features

  • The ReadyNet is constructed with a flexible steel frame surrounded by nylon double netting.
  • Net height is 6 feet high by 9 feet wide at the base.
  • The setup of the net provides an automatic ball return on smooth surfaces.  The golf balls roll back to your hitting area.
  • Outdoor setup (wish spikes to secure net in wind) now takes me less than 30 seconds.  Indoor setup is literally about FIVE seconds.
  • Tear down is easy.  I’ve got it down to less than 20 seconds.
  • When not in use the net has a durable carrying case made from a tough canvas like material.
  • The thin frame and light materials make transporting the unit easy.


The ReadyNet comes in one color scheme, red and black as pictured.


Retail price for the ReadyNet is $249.  Right now though, Pro-Advanced is running a $50 discount which brings the “net” price (haha) down to $199.


The only issue I have with hitting balls into a net is not being able to see the ball flight and see the ball finish.  If you have a fairly straight ball flight like me with the occasional draw or fade, you may not know what the ball is actually doing.  But by watching where the ball hits the net and how it comes down, one can get a good idea of the direction of the shot.


I shot a very quick video while using the ReadyNet in my back yard.  In the video I show two driver and two eight iron shots.  Each shot includes a side and rear view.  Enjoy:


I’ve loved having my ReadyNet in the back yard and being able to jump out there and hit balls on a second’s notice.  When winter comes I’ll be stoked to have the net setup in my garage or basement to keep loose.

Father’s Day is coming up by the way.  The ReadyNet would make a great golf related Father’s Day gift.


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2 responses to “Review: Pro-Advanced ReadyNet Indoor/Outdoor Golf Practice Net”

  1. Bobby Talada says:

    The practice net is a great way for the average golfer to practice. I have personally used one in my back yard an it has improved my swing tremendously. The practice net help to save you time because you don’t have to pack up your clubs and drive to a driving range you take it right out in your back yard. In my opinion the practice net is a great tool to help you with your golf swing.

  2. Bobby Talada says:

    The practice net is a great invention. You don’t have to worry about packing up your clubs in your car all you have to do is go out into your back yard. I have used the practice and it really does work to help improve your swing.





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