Review: Quagmire Golf InReverse Polo – Two Shirts In One

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
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This review took an interesting turn as I started writing it.  In my reviews I always refer to the manufacturer’s web site for technical information about the product, sizes, colors, features etc.  It was at that point that I realized I’d only been getting half of what I could out of the InReverse golf polo by Quagmire Golf.  I didn’t even realize the shirt was reversible!

Quagmire Golf InReverse Polo

InReverse Overview

InReverse is a golf polo made from 100% polyester.  Love it.  Easy to care for. Resists wrinkling.

As stated in the name, the shirt is reversible.  One side is a plain color and the other side features an argyle pattern.

The fabric of the polo naturally wicks moisture, keeping the wearer dry.  That is becoming more and more important as the temps here in my home town will be reaching 90+ this weekend.

I’d originally chalked the odd placket of the shirt which didn’t have any buttons up to another unique Quagmire design.  It was today that I realized the lack of buttons was because the shirt was reversible!

Quagmire Golf InReverse Polo

Quagmire Golf InReverse Polo Purple – click for more


My InReverse polo is blue while there are also versions in purple and black.

Sizes for the InReverse include medium, large, extra-large and double-extra-large.

On The Course

This shirt is quite comfortable.  The open placket makes for a nice loose fit which doesn’t interfere with or restrict the golf swing.  This is a perfect shirt for me on media junkets and for traveling.  As long as it is fairly clean I can use one side for one day of the trip and one side for the other.

Final Thoughts

Love this one.  A very comfortable and good looking polo with a twist.

Being reversible, one could limit his wardrobe to only Quagmire’s InReverse polos and save half the closet space.  Great for apartments in NYC.


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