Review: John Ashworth Linksoul Cotton Polo

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
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Linksoul Cotton Polo

I’m smiling because my Linksoul polo is so comfortable!

Back in 2011 John Ashworth created Linksoul as a classy and alternative golf lifestyle brand.  The designs are simple and elegant, some retro or old school and some with a hint of European styling.  According to brand PR Linksoul is for “style-conscious men seeking a comfortable alternative to ‘golf uniform’ technical pieces.'” Yeah, that’s what I was going to say.

One of those alternatives to golf uniform technical pieces is the Linksoul LS101 one-pocket cotton golf polo shirt.


I don’t know how one clothing designer can take a black polo and make it look better than another designer, but that’s just the case here.  This shirt is very classy and unique looking, though it is very simple.


I usually like to post a “sizes/colors” paragraph in my apparel reviews.  I was unable to determine the sizes and colors which are available in this model.  The John Ashworth web site has a fancy “look book” with a bunch of artsy photos, but no nuts and bolts info about the products such as available sizes and colors.  I’m not as into the fancy presentation as I am into being able to get to the meat of the content.

On The Course

The cotton fabric of this polo is extremely soft and smooth.  The shirt feels light on the body and breathes well.  The comfort level is fantastic.

During the golf swing the shirt is great.  There are no tight areas, no binding, no pulling.  The swing is not restricted.  It is hard enough to hit a good shot without having an apparel item mess with the golf swing!


The Linksoul one-pocket polo is a great cotton golf shirt and provides everything one would want from a polo including comfort, performance, classy and unique styling.

John Ashworth Linksoul


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