Review: Quagmire Golf DewSweeper Golf Polo

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012
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Quagmire Golf DewSweeper Polo

Quagmire Golf DewSweeper Polo – white

The term “Dew Sweeper” comes from a reference to golfer who has very early tee times, early enough that there is still dew on the ground.  If one is playing in a tournament on the last day or two, this certainly isn’t a term you’d like to be associated with because the players in the worst position on the leaderboard start first.

Quagmire DewSweeper Golf Polo

The Quagmire Golf “DewSweeper” golf polo shirt is certainly a more positive use of the term.  The DewSweeper is a very unique golf polo with a slanted button up setup.  Quagmire always seems to do something interesting and unique with their shirts, which sets them apart and makes them very recognizable. This button pattern certainly does that.

The material in the DewSweeper is a 100% polyester.  Yay! No cotton!  I really love polys because they’re a breeze to care for, don’t wrinkle easily and last forever.

The DewSweeper’s polyester also is a “wicking” material, which brings moisture away from the player’s skin and sends it to the outside of the shirt, where it will evaporate.  In short, it keeps you nice and dry.


The DewSweeper is available in men’s medium through XXL.  No small, but I’ve found that Quagmire’s shirts fit more “euro-style.”  To me that means smaller and tighter fitting.

Color choices for the DewSweeper include purple (pictured below right), white and blue.

Quagmire Golf DewSweeper

Quagmire Golf DewSweeper – click to zoom (if you dare)

On The Course – Or In Vegas

Buttoning this shirt up for the first time was a bit strange!  It isn’t quite a natural motion to button diagonally.  Doing that in a mirror is even more interesting.

The diagonal button pattern also needed to be buttoned up all the way to the collar.  If I didn’t do that, it hung open a bit lopsided and with an awkward look.  I’m not normally a “button it up all the way” guy, but it didn’t bother me.

I didn’t find the shirt to be restrictive in the golf swing, even buttoned up all the way.  The fabric is comfortable and doesn’t pull or bind in the swing.  Important issues.

I wore this polo for a night on the town in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.  I received many looks and nice compliments on my cool shirt.  “I know” I told them…


This is probably not a shirt for everybody.  The design is a little out there.  But if you are hip (like me, ahem) you can make it fly.  The DewSweeper looks great on the course or out on the town.


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3 responses to “Review: Quagmire Golf DewSweeper Golf Polo”

  1. Three Guys Golf Blog says:

    you are a brave man Tony!

  2. Alice says:

    Really nice design! Will it fit with women?





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