Review: BagBoy T-2000 Golf Travel Bag

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
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I can’t help thinking of Terminator whenever I see the BagBoy “T-2000” name.  There was the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, the, T-800,  T-850, T-1000 and now the BagBoy T-2000 golf travel bag.

BagBoy T-2000 Travel Bag

“I need your shoes, your clothes and your motorcycle.”

Does this bag protect my golf clubs while traveling like a Terminator would?  Lets find out.

T-2000 Features

Bagboy T-2000 rotating handleOne of the key sales points for the T-2000 is the pivoting grip which twists (pictured right).  This is a handle at the top of the bag where the user holds it.  When turning or moving the bag around the handle turns and reduces strain and awkwardness in the wrist and arms.  The pivot handle does its job well.

The top of the bag, as you can see in the above photo, is padded with a nice thick wrap-around to protect the clubs.

The bottom of the bag has in-line skate wheels for smooth rolling.

The bag has a durable PVC back with an extra tall ABS base for extra protection.

The bag’s fabric is very durable 1680D nylon.

There are garment pockets on the sides as well as a shoe pocket on the front.  See the image of the shoe pocket here.

Inside the back are straps to help stabilize the bag and prevent it from rotating during transit.


The T-2000 is available in three color schemes: red/black, silver/black, royal(blue)/black

On The Course – In The Airport – Out Of The Trunk

I recently put my T-2000 to the test on my trip to the Masters.  The T-2000 is fairly light and my whole setup with clubs and shoes and some apparel in the outer pockets weighed in around 35 pounds, far below the dreaded 50 pound (pay extra) mark.  I flew from SLC to Atlanta and played golf at Woodmont, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta.  The rotating handle was easy to navigate around the Atlanta airport.  The jaunt to and from the rental car area was not difficult with the T-2000 and the pivoting grip.

BagBoy T-2000 Golf Travel Bag

Clubs inside the T-2000 – click to zoom

The last 4 out of 5 times I’ve traveled some part of my golf bag contents has been broken.  I’m happy to report that the T-2000 did its most important job perfectly, keeping my golf clubs and golf bag unscathed.


For more images of the T-2000 refer to the Hooked On Golf Blog BagBoy image gallery.

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