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Time Capsule – Hooked On Golf Blog Reaches 4000 Posts

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
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Top Golf BlogI was just about to write a review on a new golf towel when I saw that the last post was #3,999. Welcome to post #4,000! Wow.  I figure the 4,000th post deserves some sort of fanfare blogfare.

I’ve squeezed 4,000 posts out of my cranium since December 2004, and I think maybe one or two of them are good too!

HOG Time Capsule

While we are at it, lets do a little time capsule for May 1st 2012:

Total posts: 4,000

Total comments (approved): 3,991

Total spam comments that never saw the light of day: millions

Total hits April 2012: 3,753,674

Unique visitors in April 2012: 218,731

HOG YouTube Video Views: 4,358,349

Total images in the HOG Photo Gallery: 18,713

HOG Twitter followers: 1,113

HOG Tweets: 2,971

TGS (my personal and The Golf Space) Twitter followers: 2,583

TGS tweets: 6,096

HOG Facebook Likes: 936

Back To It

I’d sit here and talk more about this subject, but I need to get working on the next 4000 posts…

2 responses to “Time Capsule – Hooked On Golf Blog Reaches 4000 Posts”

  1. GolfBlogger says:

    Congratulations. It is not easy to keep up a steady supply of posts.

  2. Thanks buddy. I didn’t get to read your book on my last trip, but I’ll bust it out. I’m excited for you man.