Review: Champ Flix Switchblade Green Repair Tool

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 18th, 2012
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The wheel has been reinvented in the golf industry about a billion times.  Do we really need another divot tool?  I wasn’t sure about that until I got my grubby golf blogger hands on the new Champ Flix switchblade divot tool.  I do believe the divot too did need to be reinvented and it has now been done very well.

Champ Flix Divot Repair Instrument

Champ Flix Divot Repair Instrument – click to magnify

Flix Features

  • Switchblade action with retractable forks
  • Forks made from stainless steel
  • Super-light in the pocket
  • Magnetically attached ball marker, customizable
  • Durable

On The Course

The Flix has become my “gamer” divot repair tool and trust me, I’ve got a few (gazillion) other options to choose from here.

I have other switchblade green repair tools but most are bulky and very heavy.  This unit is so light I’m thrilled.

When the blades are tucked in and the unit is in my pocket I’m not poked or prodded like standard divot tools.  The rounded contours of the body of the unit prevent any discomfort both in the pocket and when fixing even the hardest of greens.

Unlike other switchblade repair tools I’ve used, these blades always spring out and retract well.

I fix at least 3-5 ball marks per green while waiting for my turn to putt.  I figure with my new Flix I’ve already fixed a good 600 ball marks and the unit looks and works as good as new.

Flix Video

Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron and I just finished producing a new video demonstration of the Flix unit.  Check it out in full HD 1080i:


I’ll play devil’s advocate here for a second.  Not a major issue, but pushing the blades back into the body takes a bit more effort than I’d like.

Every so often I accidentally bump the release button and the blades extend in my pocket.

Keep in mind, these are very minor issues and this tool is definitely a winner.


The Flix instrument is currently available in five colors: black, white, lime green, orange, pink

See image below:

Champ Flix Divot Repair Instrument Colors

Champ Flix Divot Repair Instrument Colors – click to zoom

Custom Logo

Custom branding options for the ball marker are available for the Flix.  I randomly found a University of Utah ball marker which happened to fit perfectly in my black unit (pictured below).

Champ Flix Divot Repair Instrument Custom Logo

Champ Flix Divot Repair Instrument Custom Logo – click for more

I’m fairly sure that one was made by Champ as it is exactly the same as the original.  So that should give you a decent look at a custom branding option.


The Flix Divot Repair Instrument is an instant gamer.  It is light, works flawlessly and doesn’t poke me in my pocket.  Best of all it fixes ball marks in greens and that’s what it is all about, making golf a better experience for everyone.


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