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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, April 13th, 2012
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It has been cloudy and rainy here for a few days.  In fact it snowed a bit yesterday.  But today the sun is out.  That means I can wear my lovely Maui Jim Hanalei sunglasses, which is always good.  The blue sky reminded me I need to bust out this review on the Hanaleis so here we go.

Maui Jim Hanalei Sunglasses

Maui Jim Hanalei Sunglasses - click to zoom


The Maui Jim Hanalei is a lightweight and light footprint model.

The lightweight frame is made from Grilamid, a polymer which can be bent to extremes yet still retain its shape.  This is great for those bad days when you get in your car and accidentally sit on your sunglasses.  They’ll pop right back into shape.

The frame’s finish is a high gloss from being tumbled in teakwood and bamboo.

The nose piece and frame ends are tipped in rubber for a secure fit which won’t slip.


There are two lens options available for the $199 (retail) Hanalei model:

  • Natural Grey – Great for bright and direct sunlight.
  • HCL Bronze – Gives a bronze tint. Good for sunlight to overcast.

Frame Colors

Frames for the Hanaleis are available in Gloss Black or Tortoise.

Maui Jim Sunglasses Case

Maui Jim Sunglasses Case - click to zoom


Maui Jim’s glasses case is awesome.  The case is rugged and has a clip which can allow you to hang the case on your golf bag, gym bag or your dog’s collar.

Also included in the case is the Maui Jim Hawaii style cleaning cloth.

On The Course

These shades have been great for every outdoor activity I’ve been able to throw at them.  They’re light and comfortable.

I’ve logged several rounds of golf with the Hanaleis on my skull.  The colors of the course are vibrant and clear.  Reading the contours of the greens is easy.

I’ve driven and enjoyed many miles in the HOG Tour Van from course to course with the Hanaleis.


Another winner from Maui Jim.  Well played.  Very comfortable, clear, crisp and light on the cranium.


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