First Hands On Experience With The Motorola MOTOACTV

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 10th, 2012
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Yesterday I had my first session with the new Motorola MOTOACTV.  The MOTOACTV is a device about the same footprint as an iPod Nano.  It is square, about 1.5 inches.  The unit has a vibrant color screen and a touch based operating system.  You can swipe and select on the little screen.  It is quite neat.


This unit does a lot of nice and useful functions for golfers and those who workout.  Yesterday after setting up my preferences and such, I loaded some metal mp3 files onto the unit and headed to the gym.  The MOTOACTV tracked my workout, calories burned and strides on an elliptical machine. It did all those while pounding my eardrums with some great metal from Sevndust and Lamb of God.  The system will actually track calories burned with individual mp3 tracks and give you a selection of “workout tunes” which gets you pumped even more.  Very cool.

I need to get my hands on a heart rate sensor so it can be more accurate and trace that as well.  What I really like so far is the footprint.  I’ve been using my iPhone for my mp3 player during workouts but it is quite bulky in the pocket.  The MOTOACTV can clip onto your shirt/shorts or I can use the included wrist mount (pictured).

Motoroloa MOTOACTV

Motoroloa MOTOACTV Club Setup - click for more

The unit has a built in Wi-Fi.  As soon as I got home to my wireless network, the unit automatically uploaded my workout to the MOTOACTV web site.  From there I could look at details and such.  Of course the workout could be viewed on the MOTO’s screen as well.

Golf Next

The unit has a built in GPS.  My particular model has the “golf workout” section.  In there you can setup your clubs, courses and misc golf related items.  On the course you can use the unit as a GPS yardage device, track each shot and even get club suggestions based on your personal club distances.

I’ll be testing out the unit’s golf GPS and scoring features on the golf course this afternoon.  Stay tuned.


Motorola MOTOACTV Image Gallery

2 responses to “First Hands On Experience With The Motorola MOTOACTV”

  1. Jon says:

    Please let curious minds know how this rates as a golf gps for you!! I just picked 1 up for this reason and the phone notifications while I play. Hurry back with your on the golf course review!

    • I played the back, then the front. So I did it wrong. I’ll explain later. I also turned it “off” during the round to save the battery, but then the gps didn’t track my location when it was off. So NEXT round will be setup perfect! Stay tuned.





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