Witnessed Rare “Skip It” Ace By Martin Kaymer At Augusta National Today

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, April 2nd, 2012
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I’m sitting in the grandstands left of the 15th green (as the players would view it on their approach).  Martin Kaymer’s group has just finished hitting their tee shots on the beautiful 16th hole.  As usual on practice round days, the crowd started chanting “skip it, skip it.”  During practice rounds players go up to the edge of the lake on 16, drop a ball and punch a 4-iron low.  The balls skip accross the lake and if they bounce up onto the green the crowd lets out a great roar.

Martin Kaymer’s skip it shot was very low and skipped in the water about 3-4 times, then went straight up the chute to right of pin high.  Then it started breaking toward the pin and BINGO! It disappeared.  People all over the course said they heard the roar.  One even told me they heard it from #1 tee.

Martin Kaymer Ace 16 Augusta Skip It

Martin Kaymer waves to the gallery after making an ace on 16 playing "Skip It." Click for more...

I’m happy to say I was in the gallery and able to watch this very rare and bizarre ace.

5 responses to “Witnessed Rare “Skip It” Ace By Martin Kaymer At Augusta National Today”

  1. Wally says:

    We were ther, too. Standing near the green on the right side of the hole! What fun!

  2. Boynie says:

    Only at the Masters! & another great memory to treasure.

  3. Gifted Golfer says:

    Sounds like fun, maybe next year for me!

  4. malcolm says:

    That looked like Andy North playing with him. Why would he be in the masters?