One Of The 458,312 Reasons You Don’t Want To Own A Golf Course

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
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Had a strange photo submission on the Hooked On Golf Blog Facebook Page a few days ago from Facebook fan Richard B. Speaking of the HOG Facebook Page, please “like” it via the link in the previous sentence!  This is a photo from a new course in southern Utah called Kokopelli.  Unfortunately, these folks didn’t have a very good round.

“A customer parked on the side of the cart path but didn’t set the brake. After they finished putting they called the clubhouse saying someone took their cart…lol” ~Richard B.

Kokopelli Golf Club

"Honey, where's the cart?" - click to zoom

The course looks pretty nice and is definitely on my “to play” list.


Kokopelli website

HOG Kokopelli image gallery

3 responses to “One Of The 458,312 Reasons You Don’t Want To Own A Golf Course”

  1. SimonM says:

    Kind of amazing that it is still on its 4 wheels after that. Guess it could have rolled and just ended up that way.

    I remember a shotgun start on a hilly New Jersey course a couple of years back. On our way to our starting hole and charging down a hill covered in dew-damp grass, decided it was time to brake. The cart spun around at least 6 times, stayed upright but rammed a parked cart at the bottom, almost pinning a guy between the two. A ranger was right there watching! Felt like an idiot, but no harm or damage as it happened.

  2. Gifted Golfer says:

    OMG! I bet they felt like an idiot too.

  3. Legalbgl says:

    Played the course at Rutgers University in NJ, and was using a hand cart. Wheeled it towards the green, thought I set the brake, putted and then turned around to see my father-in-law running after my cart, down hill towards a creek. Cart fell in, clubs, cell phone and all, and was 3/4 submerged. When the round was over and got to the parking lot, took everything out and turned the bag over, got to guess 2-3 gallons of water poured out. Most embarassing thing I have done on a golf course ever. Only good thing was the blackberry actually dried out and was usuable for another year after that.





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