New Tools (Okay, Toys) For Better Golf Blogging

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
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Photography is like golf. People think they can buy a better game with new equipment.  I hope that is true…

Yesterday was a great day on many fronts. The big news on the golf blog front is that I’ve upgraded SLR cameras to the Nikon D7000.  My two old Nikon bodies served me well, but will now be on their way to ebay.

Nikon D7000The D7000 is much more modern, higher quality, better sensors than my two older Nikons.  As an added bonus, it shoots amazing FULL HD video. HOG interviews and golf video pieces will be fantastic!

Along with the camera body I picked up a 50mm prime lens, which stops to an F1.8.  Some call this the “nifty fifty.”  The depth of field at that stop is amazing.  Looking forward to getting better at shooting golf photographs, course etc, part of what I do here.

Nikon D7000

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