Today’s Best Shot

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, March 4th, 2012
Categories: Golf Courses

I’ve made the trip south with two of my best golf buddies to get out of the frozen tundra at home.  Today we stopped by Green Spring in Washington Utah to loosen up the joints and try to remember how to hit a golf ball again.  Later in the evening when the sun was setting, I managed to catch this snap of the 17th hole, a great par-3.

Green Spring Golf Course

17th at Green Spring in Washington Utah - Par-3 - Click to see more

2 responses to “Today’s Best Shot”

  1. Daniel McNally says:

    Wow! How strange. I passed that course on our trip to colorado/wyoming/utah last summer. I had commented to my wife- while I drove by quite slowly I might add-on how beautiful the course was.

    How was the course? That snap shot is lovely. Coming from Orlando,Florida, i’m so use to flat and swampy courses.

    Take care,

    PS… Tony I like your bio, especially the end of it.

  2. GiftedGolfer says:

    It is definitely a nice course!