Colorful Supplemental Kentwool Tour Sock Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 1st, 2012
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I’ve already posted a Kentwool Tour sock review previously.  This is a quick supplemental lightning review, covering a few new colors to my wardrobe.

Kentwool Tour Golf Socks

Four great colors of Kentwools... click to zoom

New to the wardrobe are the four hot colors above. As apparel challenged as I am, I’m was struggling with finding matching threads in my wardrobe.  I finally decided that if I were to wear a color like the pink above, it doesn’t really matter if it matches.  It takes a set of golf balls to wear pink anyway so who cares?  One fun idea I had is to mix the sock colors, courtesy of the workout lady at the gym I see every day who wears two different sock colors.  All of the colors above mix and match well.  My golf buddies might make fun of me, but if they’re not wearing Kentwools I guarantee they’re not as comfortable as I am.

Speaking of the gym, these socks are not only great for golf but for working out, walking or running.  The cushion the Kentwools provide on higher impact activities like running or hiking is fantastic.


When talking to Kentwool at the PGA Show this year, I was interested to hear that they don’t necessarily recommend washing the socks after every wearing.  They say the socks are best washed after several uses. Keep that in mind.

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