Wilson FG Tour X Golf Ball Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, February 10th, 2012
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With the PGA Merchandise Show in the rear view mirror and spring coming, I’m happy to get back on my review schedule.  Love doing golf equipment reviews.  Fortunately the weather around here hasn’t been like the massive snow-in we had last winter.  We have been very thin on the snow here in Salt Lake, meaning many of the lower altitude courses have been open much of the winter.  This has allowed me to record some rounds, albeit not terribly warm, and evaluate some gear like the Wilson FG Tour X golf balls.

FG Tour X Overview

Wilson Staff FG Tour X Golf Ball

Wilson Staff FG Tour X Golf Ball – click to see more

The FG Tour X is a multilayer golf ball with a cast Urethane cover. Urethane is typically the material used in the outer layer of “premium” golf balls.  The design of the golf ball is geared for distance first and spin second, but read my comments below on the spin and cover.

The compression level of this ball is said to be 93.  I would call that a medium compression ball.  Back in the old days 90 was softer and 100 was hard.  A visit to the Wilson FG Tour X product page is a bit confusing on the compression.  Under the product details the first sentence says “–piece features a higher compression distance ball wrapped in a thin, soft veneer of cast urethane.”  I’m not sure what “–piece” means.  Sounds like they need to fill in the blank there.  To the right on product specs the first line says “Compression Low.”  So we have two seemingly contradicting statements, one saying the ball is higher compression and one saying it is low compression.

On The Course

Typically I don’t like the hardness of “distance” balls, except for a few which now includes the FG Tour X.  This ball does not feel “hard.”  In fact I really can feel it compress on every club in the bag, except of course the putter.  On 2nd thought, if I were putting on the massive greens at St. Andrews, I might actually compress it with a 400 foot putt.  I’ll have to go try that.  …Okay I’m back.  The ball compresses nicely and easily, even for my slower “granny dual chicken wing” swing.

Driving the ball is fun.  This ball flies very straight and does a very fine job in windy conditions.  I have a very strong and mid-height launch angle with the FG Tour X, which I really like.  And yes of course–this ball is long.

Irons are a pleasure to play with the FG Tour X.  I can feel the ball compress on the club face and I feel like I have great control of the ball.

Short game is the BEST part of this ball, which does sound odd and contradicting to the ball being a “distance” ball.  Every time I chip or pitch with this ball, my playing partners comment on the spin and check I’m getting.  They’ve watched me fail to check those types of shots for years and it surprises them and me when I can check/stop the FG Tour X on a dime.  The urethane cover of this ball seems a bit different than others.  Just taking the balls out of the box they feel more sticky and tacky.  That extra tackiness is big for me around the greens.

When putting, the ball rolls straight and true.  Distance control on the greens is easy.

Wilson FG Tour X Golf Balls

Wilson FG Tour X Golf Balls – click for more


Unlike most urethane covered high performance golf balls, this ball is actually durable!  Even cart paths (and I’ve hit several with these balls) don’t do much damage.  High spin square grooved wedges (yes I’m not on the PGA Tour and can still play square grooves) don’t shred the cover.

I’m very happy with the durability.


Admittedly I wouldn’t normally get excited if I found a Wilson ball in the bushes when searching for my previous errant shot.  But if I find an FG Tour X, that one is going into the gamer pocket on the golf bag and not the shag bag.  These balls are good!


6 responses to “Wilson FG Tour X Golf Ball Review”

  1. Christian Yanchula says:

    I agree on the performance, but I do not on the durability. The ball really let me down with a few hits with scoring irons. I still really like the FG Tour.

  2. R Thompson says:

    I have yet to try the new ball but then again I don’t buy the 45$ a dozen ball.I have played the tour ball before I retired and love them in cooler weather, they tend not to travel as far in warmer weather.I agree the cover is tacky and they check up better than any ball out there.Maybe I can get a sample 2ball pack or find the one in the bush to try.Looking forward to that day.Wilson is on the move forward look out !!

  3. GiftedGolfer says:

    I was fortunate enough to play the FG Tour X ball for 9 holes along with two other golfers. We all liked the ball very much.

  4. Look in the cup says:

    Thanks for the review, Tony. It helped cement my decision on getting a dozen. The original FG Tour was my favorite ball for putting and inside of 150 yards from the fairway. Great feel and stopped well.
    The only drawbacks were that they spun too much off the driver and warmer weather killed the distance.
    The X sounds like the perfect complement to the regular FG. Less spin off the big club and I believe the compression has been upped a little. Anxious to try it!





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