PGA Merchandise Show concludes. HOG content just getting started.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, January 28th, 2012
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It is now Saturday afternoon, 3:38pm.  The 2012 PGA Merchandise Show has concluded. I’m parked in the PGA Show press room for a bit, before one last evening of festivities.

PGA Show

Overhead show of a section of the PGA Show floor

I did the show a bit differently this year.  In years past, I’ve spent so much time in the press room writing and dumping media from my cameras into my laptop, that I’ve missed out on much of the show.  This year I decided to try a new approach in which I’d work the show floor as long as I could and assemble the posts and media in the days or even weeks after.  Some aspects of this worked well.  I did manage to get a lot of great interviews and photos.  I’ll probably still tweak it next year because I booked too many solid appointments, rather than simply floating the show.  I think that schedule ate up a bit too much time due to the massive size of the show and having to walk half a mile from one end of the show to the other.

Content Just Getting Started

Because of the way I did the show this year, I have yet to work on any editing of the video reviews or writing any content.  I’ll be releasing posts for the next while, trying not to do too many per day.  I think it will make each post more digestible, rather than posting it all at once.  Stay tuned.

3 responses to “PGA Merchandise Show concludes. HOG content just getting started.”

  1. Pink Diva says:

    Tony I can’t wait to see your interviews and photos posted on the 2012 PGA Show!

  2. Cameron Cress says:


    I think it was a great show this year. Looking forward to seeing your interviews.