Shots from the PGA Merchandise Show

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 26th, 2012
Categories: Golf

I’ve been busy at the PGA Show today.  I’ve been uploading more pictures from the show, like this one below.  Could be a good caption contest pic:

Taylormade RocketBallz

Inside the rocket: Taylormade RocketBallz - click for more PGA Show pictures

For more 2012 PGA Show images, go to the Hooked On Golf Blo

12 responses to “Shots from the PGA Merchandise Show”

  1. Flintstoneman51 says:

    Hey Tony,
    Been to all you Golf Bloggers sights looking for coverage of a new Golf shoe called Barefoot Berbs. How come all of you stick with the big name companies only ?? I’m a bit surprised as i consider you guys grass roots kind of guys. Tks for listening. Have a great time at the show !!

    • Thanks for the comments Flintstoneman51. I had 3 hours of show floor time yesterday and there are two more days. I have many scheduled appointments to cover. There are over 1,000 companies exhibiting so it is nearly impossible to see everything. If I get the time and they’re close, I’ll stop by.

  2. Flintstoneman51 says:

    I understand, Thankyou. Just seems like the Big companies keep getting bigger if ya know what I mean. I found your site and really enjoy it. Thanks for taking the time to put this together for folks like me !! Gonna go check out Coyote Springs because of your site. Tks

  3. Adam says:

    I did try on the barefoot shoes and was impressed. Even more minimal than true links. Hope to have a review up in the near future. Tony is right that there is just so much stuff and it is hard to cover it all.

  4. Flintstoneman51 says:

    Thanks for the great words. The owner of the company is a good guy too and it would be great to see him have success with the shoe. I also had no idea the place was like 1 1/2 miles to walk it, WOW !!

  5. Flintstoneman51 says:

    Where will you be posting your review ?

  6. Adam-AKA Three Guys Golf Blog says:

    Sorry to confuse the situation but it is my first time posting on your site and I thought my URL would show up. Anyhow, good to finally meet you Tony and pick your brain on how to make Three Guys Golf Blog better.

  7. Flintstoneman51 says:

    A person named Adam posted a couple of spots up on your Blog.
    Just wondering who he was, thought he might be on your team.

  8. Oh Adam is a reader who commented above. I see.

  9. No problem I didn’t see the previous comment from the window I was viewing before.

    URLs are auto-stripped due to spam problems.

    Forgot to mention that to you. How fun it is dealing with spam.

    WHere do I send the bill to?

  10. Three Guys Golf Blog says:

    Tony you can send the bill any time and I will file it in my circular file cabinet. I am sure you know this already, but without Askimet plugin I would spend two hours a day killing spam. It is amazing.





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