Nike media event is about speed

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
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I had a fun evening tonight for my first night in Orlando for the PGA Show at the Nike media event.  Sitting on the front row I joined some of golf’s big independent entities like Into The Grain, Sandbox8 and the Hacker’s Paradise to watch Nike Golf president Cindy Davis address the media.  The key concept for Nike golf is “speed.”  Nike is going to conduct “speed trials” where players can be measured for speed (and thus distance) with their own clubs, the compared to recommended Nike clubs.

Nike Speed Media Event

Nike President Cindy Davis (left) talks to Suzanne Petterson, Sterling Sharp and Ken Griffey Jr.

Nike brought in athletes Suzanne Petterson, Sterling Sharp and Ken Griffey Jr. to show how they’re able to increase their “speed” and thus their distance.

Nike Speed Media Event

Ken Griffey Junior hitting balls with Suzanne Petterson heckling him...

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