What would you like me to report about from the PGA Merchandise Show?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 20th, 2012
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2012 PGA Merchandise ShowI’m going over the last few years of photos, posts and videos from previous PGA Merchandise Shows in preparation for next week’s show.  I’m filling in my schedule with appointments and events to attend.

Of course I plan on checking out all the big golf companies and their new gear like TaylorMade, Titleist, Bridgestone, Nike etc.  I also like to stop by the small time golf inventor’s and entrepreneur’s booths and see what interesting stuff they’re coming up with. I’m always about the little guy and helping any of them I can with some coverage of products I think are cool.

I’m asking for comments below for anything in particular you’d really like to see from the show.  Let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

Thoughts for this year, other than the regular subjects:

  • Coolest invention
  • Craziest, funniest product
  • Product most likely to eat up a poor soul’s life savings and end up in his garage
  • Best training aid
  • Worst training aid
  • Hottest show babe
  • Are Sandra Gal, Belen Mozo and Blair O’Neal as hot in person as they are online?

7 responses to “What would you like me to report about from the PGA Merchandise Show?”

  1. Matt Frey, PGA says:

    Coolest invention/ product!

  2. Twitter answers so far:

    Golf Cheapskate
    GolfCheapskate Golf Cheapskate
    @TheGolfSpace Thanks, I’ve seen the three screen simulators from TruGolf, and they are impressive, but still lots of room for improvement.
    1 minute ago
    precisionputtin precisionputtingprod
    @TheGolfSpace come to booth 1515 &check out the hottest putter in golf . Plus new models to be released, including true belly putter weights
    2 minutes ago
    DKBruce1 Kent
    @TheGolfSpace Sandra Gal would be a good place to start.
    6 minutes ago
    Golf Cheapskate
    GolfCheapskate Golf Cheapskate
    @TheGolfSpace What advances in simulation technology is forthcoming?
    6 minutes ago
    Silver Star
    SilverStarGolf Silver Star
    New shoes and hybrids @TheGolfSpace What would you like me to report about from the PGA Merchandise Show? is.gd/CWFtpH #golf

  3. Mike French says:

    Check out Scor 4161 wedges and give review.

  4. Hal Youart says:

    Please give me your best evaluations on whether Titleist AP 2 irons for 2012 are really that much better than 2011’s and why? Also are the Project X shafts still as hot with the professional players as they were? Thanking you in advance.

  5. Jeff Shuster says:

    Who has the jumped on the belly wagon with some new offerings?

  6. Flintstoneman51 says:

    Pls check out a new shoe called Barefoot Berbs . Saw a pic on Arizona Golf magazine. Tks

  7. Flintstoneman51 says:

    The shoe shows booth 3988 ?? Hope that helps. Tks





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