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2012 Fantasy Golf Update

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 10th, 2012
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Hooked On Golf Blog Fantasy GolfThe inquiries are flowing in about 2012 fantasy golf.  Here’s the latest.




I’m within hours of making a final decision as to what fantasy site to use for the league.  The host is narrowed down to two choices, Buzz or Kerplookeee.

We’ve used Kerplookee for two years now, with decent results.  There are some issues with Kerplookee, like when the league was down for two weeks or the teams not carrying over into the next week like they say they shoud.  That being said, it isn’t bad and by staying there all the people currently in the league wouldn’t have to sign up again.

The other option is Buzz fantasy golf.  Buzz has been “courting” HOG Space and their league software seems robust and has many customizable functions and options.

If you have a preference, this is your last chance to chime in.  Let me know where you’d like to do it.  I may end up simply flipping a coin.


Anyone who has competed in HOG Space fantasy golf knows I give away great prizes from the biggest names in golf like Nike Golf, Bridgestone Golf, OGIO, FootJoy, Bobby Jones Golf, Nickluas Golf, Callaway Golf, Rife Putters, Tattoo Golf, Sumi-G, Frogger Golf, etc etc.  If you’d like to sponsor the 2012 league let me know.  The benefit of sponsoring is a TON of exposure here on HOG and on The Golf Space.  I’m talking millions of hits per month.


I usually nail down the prizes at the PGA Show and announce them by the opening of the season.

I’m considering dumping the weekly prizes for a couple of reasons. 1. Only about half of the winners claim their prizes.  2. They’re a pain in the rear end to ship.  Perhaps I’ll have them drop shipped or figure something different out.


If you have comments you may post them below, or even better, post in The Golf Space’s Fantasy Golf Discussion Forum area.

5 responses to “2012 Fantasy Golf Update”

  1. golfnut59 says:

    I am will play no matter what one you choice. I play for the fun of it. For the weekly prize! If you do it? Why not a gift card as the prize or have the company give you a order pin number that can been emailed. If you remember or not I did that with golf smith a few years back for a prize and golfgirl won it. I even remember her telling me she ordered a seahawk divot fixed with ball makers and 2 dozen balls.

  2. Mike says:

    Kerplookee was OK.Still waiting for my fabulous prize for winning a week in 2011(Wyndham Championship)

  3. Mike I’m not seeing any notes or emails from someone who won week 28. How did you contact me?

  4. Mike says:

    I sent email as I recall. send me addy to give you info again.