Airplane crashes on the 17th tee at the Oasis Canyons Course – Rule 24-2 immovable obstruction

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, December 22nd, 2011
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Plane crash

Plane crashes on 17th tee at Oasis Canyons Course - click to zoom

I played the Oasis Canyons Course twice this summer.  Once was during the Mesquite Amateur tournament and one other time when I was in town to say hi to my buddy Adam Schwartz, the head pro there.  The 17th hole is a severely downhill par-3 which is quite fun.  An odd thing I noticed while playing the hole both times was how small airplanes looked like they were about to crash into me.  They were landing at the Mesquite airport, on the hill behind the tee.

Apparently a few days ago, one of those planes had a small problem and did in fact crash into the women’s tee on the 17th.  I asked my buddy Adam about the crash:

The airplane crash was crazy. Luckily nobody was teeing off on #17, but if they were it probably wouldn’t have been a good sight.  The two passengers in the plane were unhurt except a few bumps and bruises.  The plane was transported out the next day as if nothing happened Sunday afternoon.  The only damage the plane did to the golf course was just barely clip the ladies tee box on #17 Canyons.  Never a dull moment in Mesquite to say the least.

Rule 24-2 Immovable Obstruction

How do you play a shot if this plane is in play?

Airplane crashes on the 17th tee at the Oasis Canyons Course

Plane is an immovable obstruction under rule 24-2 - click to zoom

I believe that this airplane on the course falls under USGA rule 24-2 as an immovable obstruction.  Players may take relief from the airplane without penalty, and they may even clean their ball.

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