Kentucky Royalty Surino Golf Socks – Alpaca Powered

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, December 20th, 2011
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It is a perfect time right now to talk about the new Kentucky Royalty Surino Golf Socks.  Kentucky Royalty is a company founded by Shawn and Lori Malloy.  They’re based out of, well, Kentucky.


I’m fascinated by alpacas.  Very odd creatures.  They look like a three way cross between sheep, giraffes and camels.

Kentucky Royalty Golf Socks

Kentucky Royalty Surino Golf Socks - click to zoom

The Surino golf socks are made from rare Suri Alpaca, fine Merino wool.  The alpaca fleece comes from USA farms and is spun in American mills.  So if you want to go “made in the USA” with your golf socks here you go.


The best side of the sock, the inside, is lined with soft Suri alpaca wool.  Very soft and comfortable.  The thick wool provides high comfort and temperature control, while also controlling moisture.

The bottom of the sock is covered in skid resistant nylon to prevent slipping and blisters.

The Surino provides arch support and a reinforced toe and heel.  Speaking of the heel, there’s extra cushioning in the heel and toe.  The heel also has a tab at the top of the sock for slip control.

The top of the sock has a mesh ventilation system.

Kentucky Royalty Surino Golf Sock

Kentucky Royalty Surino Golf Sock Features - click to zoom

On The Course

This sock is a little thicker than standard sport socks.  That may take some getting used to, especially if you are used to a thin tolerance between your sock and your shoe.  The thickness and softness of the alpaca wool is very helpful in reducing impact while walking the course.  Extra cushion helps on the knees and ankles.

Kentucky Royalty Surino Golf Socks

Comfy Surino Golf Socks

This time of year I’m very happy to have these socks, because they’re very warm.  There’s a huge difference, which I was thankful for two days ago when I golfed in freezing temps on frozen ground.  My feet were toasty where if I’d used standard golf socks I know they wouldn’t have been.

Speaking of keeping the feet warm, I need to get the folks at Kentucky Royalty to send in one more pair but a different model.  Ski season is starting up here and I’m guessing their ski sock would be amazing.


The Surino sock is very comfortable and warm in cold conditions.  I was able to hit some great golf shots and walk comfortably with these comfy babies on my feet.

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