With a double press on the line, my golf buddies will risk life and limb

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, December 19th, 2011
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Yesterday was a very COLD but fun round of golf here in Sandy, Utah.  It is very uncommon to golf on December 18th as usually the courses are all closed due to snow.  But thanks to global warming (I’m a big fan) or perhaps just random luck, the courses are open still.

I managed a frozen 79, but my back nine was darn good considering the conditions.  I’m happy to break 80 when the temperature is 1/3 of that number.  I was +2 on the back, but under some intense conditions.  My partner (the local director of golf) and I lost the front by one stroke to our opponents.  Those two opponents are fiery competitors with the two best short games ever.  On the back we turned it on and started crushing them.  Our opponents started pressing every hole, and going down on every press.  My birdie on par-4 #17th after stuffing a pitching wedge to three feet, closed out all the current bets.  All our opponents had left was a double press on 18 to try and get back two of the many bets they had lost.

ice golf

Walking on the frozen 18th's lakeside green...

As you can see by the photo above and video below, my buddy Arnie was willing to walk on water (frozen) to try and save his team from going deeper into debt.  Unfortunately for them, and fortunate for us, we both made par while the opposing team both made bogey.

My frozen hands were thawed by the pile of cash we collected at the end of the round.  Way to go partner…

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