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High tomorrow is 41 and the courses are open. Tee time at 10:40am

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, December 17th, 2011
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The lake between #1 and #2

Golf this late in December around here is very uncommon.  Usually by this time the courses are all under a foot or two of snow.  Thanks to global warming (big fan), the courses are still open.  Right now we have an “inversion” here, which is basically a high pressure which traps fog and pollution in the Salt Lake Valley.  The result is no precipitation, no blue skies and very cold temps.

Apparently the high temperature tomorrow is going to be a balmy nine degrees above freezing (F).  The result is a golf equation: golf courses open + December 18th = 10:40am tee time.

Not expecting to light it up tomorrow.  With five layers of shirts and jackets on it will be hard to even make a decent swing.  But it is some form of golf, which is better than the alternative.

4 responses to “High tomorrow is 41 and the courses are open. Tee time at 10:40am”

  1. Perry DelVecchio says:

    Here near Lake Erie we have 4″-5″ of snow, but it is supposed to be 42* tomorrow, so MAYBE we can play golf too. We have already played several days in December.

  2. Joe says:

    Still playing in Maine….tee boxes are a little frozen, my membership expires on the 31st 😉

  3. Fran says:

    You folks must really love golf to play when it is cold or is 41 cold?

  4. Kenneth Goltz says:

    We don’t have snow–but a lot of the Milwaukee County Courses are open. We’ll be in the low 40’s on New Years Day–I think I may be at Grant Park–It’s WARMER near The Lake!!! The Pack has a lot sewn up–I think I can miss one game…